The newly launched Web3 Games Collective (W3GC) is a thrilling initiative from Yield Guild Games, Game7, Fenix Games, and Magic Eden. 

The alliance is aimed at promoting the mass adoption of Web3 gaming and expanding the ecosystem for this innovative new space. 

The group was presented at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, and has already gained traction among investors, developers, and gamers.

Simplifying the landscape of Web3 gaming

One of the key objectives of the W3GC is to simplify the landscape of Web3 gaming, which can be complex and difficult to navigate for the average user. 

Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of Yield Guild Games, has noted that finding and playing Web3 games can still be overly complicated for many people. However, by collaborating with Game7’s DAO and Fenix Games’ publisher, YGG hopes to help overcome these challenges and expand the ecosystem to promote mass adoption.

Another important aspect of the W3GC’s work is to prioritize the creation and promotion of high-quality games and intellectual property. By focusing on creating compelling and engaging experiences, the W3GC hopes to harness gamers’ attention and drive the adoption of Web3 gaming.

A man is playing video game on computer.

A sustainable model for Web3 gaming

The W3GC has made a pledge to alleviate the risks faced by both investors and developers within the Web3 gaming industry. Their strategy to achieve this involves the identification and expansion of games with the potential to bring mass adoption to the table. The group believes that by doing so, a more stable and sustainable ecosystem for Web3 gaming can be created, which will be crucial in driving mass adoption. 

Magic Eden’s recent foray into Web3 gaming, including the hiring of a former Electronic Arts executive and investment in 11 Web3 gaming studios, makes it an ideal partner for the Web3 Games Collective. The company‘s experience and commitment to the industry will be valuable in promoting the mass adoption of Web3 gaming.

Eden Games: A game platform for blockchain gaming by Magic Eden 

Magic Eden has further demonstrated its support for the Web3 gaming ecosystem by launching Eden Games, a gaming platform designed to assist game studios in connecting with passionate gamers. This move is yet another example of Magic Eden’s commitment to simplifying the landscape for both developers and gamers, supporting the growth of Web3 gaming.

Final words

Overall, the W3GC is an exciting development for the Web3 gaming space. The group will create high-quality games and intellectual property, simplify the ecosystem, and mitigate risks for investors and developers. 

Magic Eden’s investments in Web3 gaming studios and focus on high-quality games and IP show that the company will continue to play a major role in this industry for years to come.