The concept of metaverse has a big place in the Web3 space. A lot of individuals, especially Gen Z, enter various metaverse platforms for their different aims, like learning or having fun. Due to the expansion within the boundaries of the metaverse sector, the number of myths about the concept is increasing.

Now, we want to explain popular myths about metaverse and the right versions of these statements.

There is only one metaverse

Yes, the ‘metaverse’ concept is generally used collectively, but it is not a whole. In other words, metaverse is a comprehensive notion covering different platforms and goals.

A lot of people think that individuals come together within metaverse that is a big platform or room. However, metaverse is only a concept explaining various simulations, virtual worlds, working places, and so on. Shortly, the concept gathers different digital environments together.

For instance, Meta’s Horizon Worlds and The Sandbox are two different metaverse platforms. Each of these examples are explained via the concept of ‘metaverse’, but they are not identical or dependent to each other.

There are multiple metaverses, and most of these platforms have decentralized structure. However, we can encounter the opposite situation; for example, some companies try to create a single and centralized metaverse.

Each metaverse platform has its own properties. For instance, one virtual world focuses on the field of education while other one offers the opportunity of having fun via Web3 games. Because of this reality, we cannot say that there is only one metaverse with the centralized structure.

Decentraland Metaverse

Metaverse is utilized for only gaming

The gaming industry is very important for internet users’ entertainment. Due to this circumstance, lots of people think that metaverse is only for games, but it is not the reality.

There are different metaverse platforms covering games, especially Web3 and NFT-based games. These platforms are developed by virtual reality and augmented reality. Individuals who want to dive into the Web3 space are considering these platforms, but you should know that only these platforms do not exist within the digital space.

Gaming is a significant use case of metaverse, but the concept also includes different fields. For example, companies create virtual worlds which cover the field of education. In these worlds, children and adults can improve their knowledge about specific subjects, like science and math.

In addition to education, people can use metaverse platforms for socializing. They can create their avatars and communicate with each other digitally. Furthermore, metaverse can be utilized for healthcare, tourism, and fashion.

Hence, metaverse projects can be shaped according to the team’s goals. If the goal does not depend on the gaming sector, the metaverse can be about anything different from games.

Metaverse is a single technology

A lot of people believe that metaverse is a technology, like blockchain technology or artificial intelligence. Also, there is a common myth: Metaverse and virtual reality are the same technology. However, these beliefs are not true.

You can think that metaverse is a technological basket involving various technologies. This basket is mainly including virtual reality and augmented reality. Metaverse platforms can be developed via these technologies.

Metaverse users are utilizing AR and VR hardware and software, like VR headsets, to explore comprehensive experiences. However, they are not necessary for accessing metaverse. In other words, you can use your smartphone and computer to enter different virtual worlds.

To sum up, metaverse is not limited to virtual reality, augmented reality, and specific hardware/software. You can reach different metaverse environments by using web browsers and mobile applications.

Metaverse is a utopian concept

Some technological developments are considered as utopian improvement, and metaverse is one of them. However, this concept can sometimes be dystopian.

Within different metaverse platforms, people can encounter stratification, discrimination, and inequality while socializing. Moreover, some people cannot reach metaverse platforms due to material, spiritual, and ethical issues.

You can encounter and feel the notion of science fiction while dealing with various activities in metaverse. This situation can sound good, but you must prepare yourself for dystopian circumstances within virtual worlds.

Final thoughts

Metaverse is full of different social circumstances, entertainment, gaming, and so on. Due to the decentralized and immersive structure of metaverse, the concept can be misunderstood, and more myths can occur.

If you learn the myths and their right versions about the concept, you can use virtual worlds efficiently.