Magic Eden once again shows its dedication to catalyzing the expansion of the Web3 gaming industry by investing in eleven Web3 gaming studios. 

Magic Eden’s venture arm, Magic Eden Ventures, will carry out the investment operation. Magic Eden Ventures collaborated with several creative game studios earlier to boost a long-term vision in the Web3 gaming ecosystem. 

The venture arm invested in Blockstars, Bravo Ready, Bunch, Epic League, Honeyland, Lucky Kat, Intella X, Matchday, Stella Fantasy, Strider, and XP Foundry. 

The above listed games have different frameworks, from Web3 native developers to more traditional gaming studios. You can learn the details of the gaming studios here.

Various gaming studios have benefitted from Magic Eden’s colorful set of creator products and services. Previously, Magic Eden has assisted games with NFT projects, user acquisition and engagement, and infrastructure assistance through in-game marketplaces. Furthermore, the company aided the games’ monetization and communication inside the web3 environment. 

With over 1.5M daily user sessions, Magic Eden offers unparalleled exposure to gaming partners. It demonstrated that through the success of over 60 games’ mint launches across Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. 

In addition, Magic Eden’s collaborations aim to build token reward programs that encourage interaction between gamers and game producers.

About Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a prominent cross-chain NFT platform that aims to bring the future billion users into the world of Web3. 

The company’s directors are experienced leaders in the fields of cryptocurrency, technology, and hospitality. They are developing a user-friendly platform that offers cutting-edge minting and trading solutions. 

Magic Eden aims to leverage the power of blockchain technology to bring dynamic cultural moments to users across digital communities. The platform allows users to create, discover, and collect unique NFTs.

Despite downsizing its workforce due to the ongoing crypto winter, Magic Eden has maintained its position in the Web3 gaming industry. It even expanded onto the Polygon blockchain with the recent employment of Chris Akhavan as Chief Gaming Officer.

Although Magic Eden did achieve success, its NFT marketplace powered by Solana was involved in some controversies lately. In particular, the company was criticized last month for selling unverified NFTs on its platform.