Magic Eden, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, is launching “Mint Madness” – a series of free Web3 games throughout March.

The launch features 13 games across Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon blockchains, all using NFTs for in-game capabilities. The popular AAA first-person shooter Shrapnel and the gaming metaverse Planet Mojo are found in the list of these 13 games. 

Importance of NFTs as user engagement tools

Chris Akhavan, the Chief Gaming Officer of Magic Eden, observed that many games entering Web3 can use something other than NFTs as a monetization tool. However, he highlighted that NFTs are crucial user engagement tools to share a vision and work with a highly captive and invested audience.

From the view of Akhavan, it can be understood that the move of Magic Eden has an important role in showing the importance of NFTs in the gaming industry. 

Leaderboard and prize pool to enhance engagement

To boost user engagement, Magic Eden has decided to publish a list of the leading NFT traders on its social media platforms for Mint Madness collections. 

The top 10 traders by volume on the Polygon collections will be eligible to win a share of a prize pool worth 20,000 MATIC (approximately $25,500), with the first-place winner receiving a prize of 4,500 MATIC (about $5,400).

Growing interest in blockchain gaming

Magic Eden’s venture arm, Magic Eden Ventures, invested in 11 Web3 gaming studios last week, signaling the company’s growing interest in blockchain gaming. The NFT marketplace has recognized the importance of NFTs in gaming, leading them to develop a series of free Web3 games using NFTs for in-game capabilities.

As blockchain gaming continues to grow, more companies are expected to emerge, leading to increased adoption of NFTs in the gaming industry. This adoption is likely to provide users with new and exciting ways to engage with games while also providing developers with a new way to monetize their creations.