Traditional gaming and entertainment giant Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is going Web3 with NFTs! It has filed for a patent that would enable players to earn and exchange NFTs in games and consoles. 

The patent was originally submitted in 2021. It describes a unified digital platform in which gamers can own and move NFTs across different games and consoles easily.

So, newer versions of Sony games, including the legendary PlayStation, will be marketed with this exciting NFT functionality. With them, gamers will be able to purchase and transfer in-game assets as NFTs. This can be done across various types of devices. 

In the application, the inventors described the various ways NFTs would enhance gameplay: 

Some of the use cases include rewarding players for performing tasks, winning competitions, and unlocking new levels. All tasks rewarded are based on a first-time basis to prevent users from repeating tasks in order to gain NFTs.

Gamers can create avatars, and customize and mint them into NFTs. There are also tournaments and other exciting functionality to explore to gain NFTs.

These NFTs can be transmitted to other users and across various gaming and non-console platforms. Each NFT transferred confers different benefits to the receiver, depending on the type. Additionally, the NFTs can be exchanged from SIE’s products to games outside the network, like from PlayStation to Xbox. 

PlayStation is very popular among gamers.
PlayStation is the most famous product of Sony.

Sony Continues Partnerships with Blockchain Companies

Sony has shown interest in Web3 by partnering with blockchain companies. In 2022, Sony acquired Beyond Sports as a move to create metaverse content for sporting events. It also partnered with Astar earlier this year to launch an incubator program for blockchain startups.

About SIE

SIE is a video game and digital entertainment company owned by Sony. It is famous for its PlayStation which launched in 1994. In June 2022, more than 581 million PlayStation consoles have been sold globally. SIE was named Metacritic’s ‘Publisher of the Year’ this year.