After the Epic Games partnership, Gala Games continues new partnerships without slowing down.

Gala Games announced that it is partnering with Alienware and making its blockchain-based superior game for players to receive alpha key giveaways to get in early access to its alpha playtest before it becomes public to everyone. 

Game players can use the Alienware platform to get superior game alpha keys. Codes will go live on September 26, 2022, at 3:00 PM PDT and expire on October 4, 2022, at 3:00 PM PDT.

According to Gala Games’ Superior AMA in August, the superior alpha playtest has been at the forefront of developers’ minds. 

“It’s a mix of Mr. Fantastic and Venom.” Drifter’s Brain Murphy said. ”You’re teaming up with a shape-shifting alien who can wrap around you and transform you into a motorcycle, a spiky bouncy ball, or summon gigantic slappy hands and turn everyone into blood and guts.”

In this new Gala Games offering, players can also try out a new superpower, the Xeno.

About the Superior Game 

Superior is a co-op, rogue-lite, third-person shooter in which all superheroes have been transformed into evil abominations. Every session, you’ll begin unarmed and outgunned as you hunt down the evil superheroes, steal their powers, and face increasingly complex challenges. Characters are upgraded as you complete missions, with a branching skill tree granting more powers and abilities to take on more heinous heroes. Superior offers millions of combinations for extraordinary combat and a new experience every time, with hundreds of unique superpowers, weapons, items, and abilities to upgrade and choose from.

Last week the pre-alpha playtest for the Walking Dead Empire game demo period started and ended. The Gala Games team will evaluate performance and stability. Feedback will be extremely helpful as they continue to develop.

Key giveaway gives players access to alpha playtest. Get a key to gain early access to the alpha playtest before it becomes available to the general public.