What is Nvidia Omniverse?

You’ve probably heard of the Metaverse. It has created quite a buzz in the last couple of years. Imagine an entire virtual universe that holds games, projects, companies… It seems like an impossible mission for one company to do. That is why companies like Nvidia have decided to kick in, solidifying and controlling what the Metaverse will be like and how it’ll function. If the idea of virtual reality is still vague to you. Check this out!

Without further ado, let’s dig into what Omniverse is: A cloud platform that makes up not one but tens and hundreds of programs that will help artists and developers create custom 3d pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds.

Nvidia describes Omniverse as “extensible,” and that is due to the resilience the platform will provide for its users. It allows users to collaborate with large teams regardless of geography and work with Universal Scene Description(USD) file types.

It will also halt the need for exporting data to render it as it will allow the connection of different apps directly into the platform. Nvidia has integrated advanced physics and RTX renderers to take things further, allowing models and scenes to come to life at blazing speeds.

Omniverse Cloud Backed By Global Leaders

Omniverse has aroused huge investors and supporters even in the beta version. WPP, one of the world’s most prominent marketing services organizations, has fully adopted the Omniverse Cloud to deliver custom advanced 3D content to automotive brands.

With millions of users globally, Omniverse is helping build virtual worlds and push the boundaries of the Metaverse. Numerous tech and marketing leaders, including RIMAC and Siemens, are backing the platform. These numbers will only grow as the platform adopts more programs and abilities. Omniverse has just stripped the Beta label on Jan 4, 2022, and has already witnessed immense success, forecasting the company’s future involvement in the 3D internet.