Although NFTs are digital artworks, they have different usages, not only the utilization for money or art. For instance, individuals can reach valuable moments from National Basketball Association (NBA) by NBA Top Shot, and they can deal with sport-based circumstances with the help of the NFTs world. In addition to sport-based NFTs, there are other practical applications of NFTs, and we would like to inform you about the various applications in the NFTs world!

Chef Samuelsson’s Fried Yardbird as an NFT

Restaurant NFTs

Firstly, we want to talk about food-based NFTs because lots of people love eating! NFTs can be found in different formats, such as music, photo, and video, and they can have any theme. One of the various themes in the NFT world is depending on foods and restaurants. For example, the entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk will release a restaurant-based NFT this year as a vocal supporter of NFTs. People should buy the NFT to enter and eat something in the restaurant in New York City. By entering the restaurant, individuals will encounter a different eating experience and ravishing cocktail lounge in the restaurant. In addition to Vaynerchuck’s interesting restaurant-based NFT, we should mention Chef Marcus Samuelsson Harlem’s NFT. He makes delicious fried chicken called Fried Yardbird, and he sold his recipe of Fried Yardbird as an NFT with the support of James Beard Foundation. Hence, culinary arts is integrated into the NFTs world as we understand from the examples of restaurant-based NFTs. Bon appetit with the amazing NFTs!

NFTs depending on DNA

We know that deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a long molecule containing living things’ unique genetic codes, so each living creature has a different DNA from others. Due to the uniqueness of the DNAs, staff in healthcare sector and science should create a confidential system to store people’s DNAs and deal with them. At that point, NFTs show their power because they are also unique, like the DNAs of living things, and they can be used in the healthcare sector. Nebula Genomics is a company in San Francisco that offers a whole-genome sequencing service, so the co-founder of the company Professor George Church searched about the NFTs world to show the privacy precaution of Nebula Genomics. Then, Nebula Genomics published Church’s DNA data on the blockchain that cannot be removed or changed by anyone. As one of the first genomes ever sequenced, Professor Church’s DNA carries a great deal of historical significance to the field of personal genomics as it has been used in countless studies, papers, and represents a pivotal moment in science and human history.

Michael Arrington’s Kyiv Apartment

Real Estate-Based NFTs

In a past article, we mentioned Mars House that is a digital house, and it is created by Krista Kim. She developed the virtual house because a lot of people think that we will move to Mars in the future, and Mars House will be built on Mars. As you can understand from the example, NFTs are integrated into the construction sector, and so we want to talk about real estate-based NFTs. At the present time, the NFTs world starts to make real estate virtual, and also physical real estate is shaped by the help of digital art. In common real estate, property transfer is labor-intensive and requires title management, but connecting physical real estate with an NFT allows individuals to straightforward usage and easy collateral, and the European start-up Propy showed the circumstance. According to Propy’s transaction platform, people can access ownership transferred paperwork with NFTs. By the impacts of NFTs on Propy, Michael Arrington who is the founder of TechCrunch listed his Kyiv Apartment for sale through Propy on June 8th, 2021, and the sale was the World’s first NFT real estate sale.

Uniswap Socks

Clothing NFTs

We can deal with various games or analyze different art formats with the help of NFTs, and, now, the situations are normal for us. So, how would you react if we talked about the existence of clothing NFTs? The fashion industry and clothing sector are the important factors in production, distribution, and consumption, and now, the sectors are integrated into the NFTs world. For example, Uniswap socks are sold on the Ethereum Blockchain as NFTs, and also people can redeem them for a real pair. You should consider buying Uniswap socks because the pristine condition of the product is guaranteed. In addition to Uniswap socks, there are other examples of clothing NFTs: A pair of collectible Jordan sneakers, fashionable bags called MetaBirkins, redeemable sweatpants and condoms, and so on.

If the different applications of NFTs surprised you, you should consider buying or selling NFTs in a suitable marketplace. We suggested the buying and selling of NFTs because we know that our future will be shaped by the NFTs world!