For nearly 83 years, McDonald’s has delighted taste buds with its iconic menu items. Operating in numerous countries, the company has played a crucial role in globalizing fast food. While contributing to the popularity of the fast food industry, the company is utilizing Grimace which is a lovable, clumsy, and friendly character. 

The character had a milkshake called Grimace Shake as part of the Grimace Birthday Meal promotion. It was sold in restaurants across the United States from June 12 till July 9.

The company is embarking on a special offer of exclusive profile pictures NFTs (PFPs), but only in Singapore. It’s good news for lovers of Grimace as the fast food giant is rewarding them with NFTs. This is a sequel to the traffic Grimace Shakes generated on popular social media platform Tiktok. 


About Grimace

Grimace is a cherished inhabitant of Grimace Island. He made his debut in 1971 as the mischievous “Evil Grimace” swiping milkshakes in a McDonaldland commercial. 

After scaring kids, Grimace became a soft, two-armed character who just craved McDonald’s milkshakes. Grimace, the large, purple, monster-like creature, has become a recognizable figure through appearances in advertising and campaigns. 

What Are Grimace NFTs?

Grimace NFTs depict whimsical profile images of the purple creature in a limited-edition format. It will showcase a range of expressions and unique accessories.

These NFTs are the fruit of the partnership between McDonald’s, Bandwagon Labs, and the NFT artist—the hidden walls. Once minted, Grimace NFTs cannot be traded.

On August 21st, McDonald’s local division will unveil an array of 2,000 Grimace NFTs. The delightful twist lies in their cost – absolutely free – yet the gateway to these NFTs resides solely within the mobile app of McDonald’s.

Grimace NFTs

To mint the NFTs, it is necessary to link your wallet with Polygon. Furthermore, the NFTs are categorized as “soulbound” tokens, indicating they are not transferable. Subsequent transactions are prohibited, guaranteeing the enduring value of these NFTs as special keepsakes for McDonald’s lovers.

McDonald’s made an entry into the virtual world to bring the Lunar New Year to everyone. Also, it just recently launched McNuggets Land in The Sandbox. This demonstrates the fast food giant’s penchant for embracing new technologies to better serve its customers.