Independent game studio B-side Games has suspended development of the playto-earn game, Chainmonsters.

In an announcement, Max Weber, the creator of Chainmonsters, cited global economic and blockchain challenges as reason for the decision. The team have been unable to raise funds to cover infrastructure costs forcing them to downsize their staff and shutdown servers.

Commenting on the shocking development, Max stated “recovery and raising significant VC funds” as their top priorities. 

They are currently focused on securing funding from venture capital and other sources. At this time, they are uncertain of how long it will take, but Weber promised to keep everyone in the loop.

Despite suspending development, Chainmonsters’ players can rest easy knowing that their game progress, achievements, and other data are backed up. All of which will be restored as soon as funding is obtained. 

B-side Games has asked for privacy in this downtime and urged players not to send DMs for further enquiries. For transparency sake, they have promised to provide updates from time to time as they make progress.


About Chainmonsters

Built on Ethereum, Chainmonsters was born in 2017. This year, it became the second blockchain game to be fully launched on Epic Games.

Chainmonsters is the brainchild of Maximilian Weber and Lysander Haupt. Both are industry leaders in the gaming space with over a decade’s worth of experience creating games. 

In 2020, their kickstarter campaign generated over $120,000 funding with more participation from more than 700 backers. 

The multiplayer game involves fighting, exchanging, and combining various skills, and monsters known as chainmons. 

Chainmons are inspired by pokemon, and players have the liberty of assembling their own teams and style of play. Chainmons can be upgraded through gemstones and flowers.

In-game products and digital assets can be traded between players in a fully player-driven economy, thanks to the blockchain integration.

Final Thoughts

With the momentum it’s garnered since it launched, we had such high hopes for Chainmonsters. It’s sad to hear that the game is being shut down now. Hopefully, this is not the end of the line. Max Weber and his team will find a way to make a massive comeback into the Web3 sphere.