What is Iconic Moments?

Iconic Moments is the pioneer NFT marketplace representing the 450,000 museums and cultural organizations located around the world. The marketplace works with these 450,000 organizations to build connections and partnerships between them and Web3 creators and collectors. 

Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Iconic Moments is the leading and only NFT trading platform that secures “iconic moments” in history, art, media, and pop culture as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. Along with its partners, the company uses its accumulated knowledge on NFT acquisition, marketing, and community development to build engaging cultural campaigns focused on each NFT collection. 

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation is an organization established as a memorial to the pioneers of women’s equality. The WSNMF was approved in December 2020 by the US Congress to begin its activities on Washington, D.C. soil. The foundation, in collaboration with the National Park Service, aims to tailor, build, and construct the Women’s Suffrage National Monument as a worthy legacy of the fight for women’s liberation.

The Birth of Modern Rebels

Modern Rebels is an NFT project that consists of 5,000 assets as a monument to the pioneers of women’s suffrage. 

Iconic Moments shared the details about the launch of the NFT collection on Friday, explaining that Modern Rebels would be used to push the activities of the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation (WSNMF). 

The NFT project, approved by Congress, is inspired by the 1917 pin known as Jailed for Freedom. The pin was a badge of honor received by 168 women who were imprisoned during their strive for women’s rights and equality. These pins have long since being regarded as a symbol of women’s liberation. 

The original work of Nina Allender was produced in plenteous proportions by jewelry maker, Tiffany and Co., and now, they will be transformed into virtual assets. The digital collectibles in the Modern Rebels project resemble the door of a jail cell and a heart-like padlock. The artist behind the NFT collection, Lexi Baker, has provided two classes of these NFTs, with respect to their rarity and other characteristics. These NFTs can be easily bought using credit cards on appropriate platforms.

Modern Rebels holders are entitled to owning one-of-a-kind metalworks of their NFTs made by Michelle Keller. 

Iconic Moments said these special metallic accessories depict the Jailed for Freedom pins won by the legendary 168 women over a century ago. Owners of Modern Rebels will participate in numerous campaigns by the WSNMF.