As a hobby, lots of people are loving travelling. Thanks to this hobby, we can learn new cultures, different individuals, places, and so on. However, some issues become problems in travelling, like budget or a pandemic. For solving these issues, metaverse tourism is shining like a star!

What is Metaverse Tourism?

The common tourism industry requires physical travelling, but metaverse tourism is a new concept for changing the requirement.

As you know, international trips can cause the rise in the climate crisis and affect people’s budget negatively. Also, some critical situations, like COVID-19 pandemic, can block physical travel. For these issues, metaverse tourism is coming!

Metaverse tourism is travelling and contributing to the tourism industry virtually. In other words, different metaverse platforms can connect physical trips with digital tourism. With the connection, everybody can enjoy travelling!

VR headsets can be used in metaverse tourism.

Some people think that digitalization in the tourism industry is not proper and funny, but this thought is completely wrong. A lot of countries, individuals, and companies are utilizing metaverse tourism and other Web3 technologies, like NFTs and blockchain technology. For instance, Thailand created an NFT collection to increase tourists’ exploration in terms of the country’s touristic locations. In addition to Thailand, Indonesia is considering virtual tourism by using blockchain technology and NFTs.

If you want to protect your money and have fun while seeing different places and cultures, you can start with learning the advantages of metaverse tourism. 

Decentraland's Metaverse Music Festival
Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival

Advantages of Metaverse Tourism

Joining Different Events Without Leaving Home

Metaverse tourism gives the chance to participate in events and do various activities, which are expensive in the real world, in a cheaper and effective way. For example, you can listen to your favorite music band without spending lots of money and going outside!

Decentraland shows the benefit concretely on November 10-13, 2022. In the popular metaverse platform, a music festival was organized, and metaverse lovers got the chance to listen to Ozzy Osbourne, Soulja Boy, and other popular musicians!

In addition to live concerts, you can travel museums and join conferences to improve your knowledge on a specific subject virtually.

As you can understand, you can deal with the events that are not hosted in your city with the help of metaverse tourism.

Choosing Accommodation Effectively

Unfortunately, we cannot encounter a lovely circumstance that is similar to our expectations when the topic is travelling. For example, we can encounter a bad hotel room although the hotel’s team shows beautiful views on their website. For the issue, metaverse tourism can be considered.

When you are looking for accommodation for your local or international trip, you can visit the virtual rooms of hotels which are entered into the metaverse. According to the things you see in the virtual world, you can consider whether make a reservation to a hotel or Airbnb house.

This circumstance can also help hotels’ managers. They can increase their revenue by interacting with their potential customers in metaverse. Furthermore, they can try to adapt the beauties in the virtual world into their real buildings! Moreover, they can promote their hotels in an effective way, thanks to the virtuality.

Making a Proper Trip Plan

People -especially families with many kids- should create suitable trip plans to have fun and travel efficiently. Without a well-designed plan, we cannot learn a new culture, meet with new people, make shopping in a good way, and smile.

With metaverse tourism, you can go to a city or country you want to travel. Then, you can find the popular touristic locations in the city/country and spend time in these locations virtually. After this virtual experience, you can make a clear trip plan for the real world. You can eliminate the places that do not look good in the virtual world while involve the locations which are inspiring and suitable for taking photos.

Devices That Can Be Used For Metaverse Tourism

If you are ready to be a virtual traveler, you must know which devices can be used for metaverse tourism.

First of all, you can use your mobile devices, like laptop, smart phone, and tablet, to deal with metaverse. You can create your avatar to travel in metaverse and learn different cultures via these devices. The cameras and microphones of the devices will help you in this experience.

In addition to mobile devices, we must mention virtual reality and augmented reality. As we explained before, VR and AR are important technologies which can contribute to metaverse. For metaverse tourism, you can catch a VR headset and AR glass.

VR and AR-powered equipment can give 360-degree looking, so virtual tours can be developed with them. Furthermore, they build a bridge between the real world and virtual space, so metaverse tourism can be valuable with VR and AR.

Event organizers, hotel managers, and travelers can benefit from metaverse to make rich their touristic activities. To sum up, we can say that metaverse is an important concept for the tourism industry.