When coding meets blockchain and choreography, generative art is born. This kind of art pushes the barriers of traditional art and reveals innovative ways for audiences to appreciate creativity. 

Art Blocks partners with Operator.

On that note, brace yourself for the Human Unreadable project! The project is a blend of blockchain and all things beautiful brought to you by Art Blocks and Operator. It promises to be immersive, engaging, and so much fun.

Human Unreadable presents six unique looks that celebrate vulnerability, creating an avenue to connect with the audience on a profound level. Each art piece will include a choreographic sequence that describes the process of human recovery. The project includes three stages: Reveal, Uncovering, and Performance.

Users will have the opportunity to create their own generative art piece from May 24th. Subsequently, during the upcoming summer, each individual who possesses these NFTs can uncover a choreographic sequence beneath each of them. Lastly, by the end of 2023, a live performance will be formed by the initial 100 collectibles that have been created.

According to Operators, the project took about 9 months to develop. It utilizes a creative method of generative choreography to skillfully hide the human body. Interestingly, the compositions are based on the movement data of a background “unique on-chain choreographic sequence”.

About Art Blocks

Art Blocks is committed to giving life to captivating creations of modern generative art. It was launched in November 2020 by Erick Calderon. 

Art Blocks’ concept involves establishing a platform focused on NFTs. The NFTs are generated as soon as they are bought, without any prior consideration of the NFT’s appearance. Since inception, Art Blocks has achieved a cumulative sales volume surpassing $100 million.

About Operator 

Operator was founded in 2016 as an experimental art practice by artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti. It creates a bridge between Web3 tech and the irreplaceable qualities of human imperfection and art. The duo’s project titled ‘I’d Rather Be in a Dark Silence’, primarily utilizing blockchain technology, secured the prestigious Lumen Prize in 2021.