Charlotte Hornets, a prominent NBA team hailing from Charlotte, is well-known for its distinctive teal and purple team colors. Established in 1988, it boasts a rich history and a connection to the Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan. The team has taken a pioneering step by introducing the first virtual NBA fan shop in collaboration with MeetKai.

Innovative Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technology recreates the team’s physical store, providing fans with an immersive online experience that mirrors the in-person visit. Fans can access a wide range of Charlotte Hornets merchandise with a few clicks or taps via mobile devices or web browsers! These include jerseys, tees, and exclusive collectibles. 

Seth Bennett, the Chief Marketing Officer of Charlotte Hornets, highlighted the similarities between the physical store and its virtual counterpart. He assured customers of an almost identical experience online.

Immersive 3D Avatars and Gamified Platform

Charlotte Hornets fans can create 3D avatars that allow them to freely explore, shop, and interact with others. These avatars can wander through virtual stores, browse products, and even try on clothing and accessories before making a purchase.

James Kaplan, the Co-Founder and CEO of MeetKai, expressed excitement at the partnership with Charlotte Hornets. He stressed the virtual store’s role in uniting fans with their team while shopping in an immersive gaming atmosphere.

Moreover, the virtual platform includes some gamified features. For example, fans can play games, like shooting mini basketballs into hoops, through virtual reality (VR) headset.

About MeetKai

MeetKai Inc. specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse. MeetKai’s AI can engage in natural conversations and boasts expertise in various subjects. 

With a user base exceeding 50 million worldwide, the company is currently committed to building an inclusive metaverse with practical applications.