Independent developer, Udi Wertheimer, has plunged the metaverse into excitement by his recent Twitter post. The post reveals Apple’s intentions to launch a mixed reality (MR) headset soon. He took a subtle dig at influencer meme coins and stressed the potential impact of Apple’s release on the price of metaverse tokens.

His enthusiasm is not misplaced as mixed reality headsets combine virtual and augmented realities to create surreal experiences. Users get to interact with digital content like it’s part of their physical environment. These headsets could boost interactions within the metaverse and make the metaverse feel more realistic.

Wertheimer is not the first to dish out this scoop. Recently, Bloomberg reporter, Mark Gurman, expressed optimism on the product’s upcoming launch in June at the WWDC 2023.

Dubbed ‘Reality Pro’, Apple’s new product includes external cameras to test for gesture and hand control. Last month, Mark Gurman stated that Apple Reality Pro would likely feature entertainment and games and has built versions of its iOS apps for its headset.

Josh Gilbert, a market analyst from eToro, lauded Apple stating that the tech giant has a history of producing “trailblazing products”. He however expressed caution and uncertainty that the new product will have the desired effect on the metaverse. Josh Gilbert’s sentiments might be valid due to the fluctuations in prices of metaverse cryptocurrencies, such as SAND and MANA. 

Still, preparations for the launch are underway. It seems Apple is confident that their new metaverse technology will be a game changer, creating a fully interconnected virtual reality. The mixed reality headset will redefine remote collaboration, elearning, and virtual tourism, as well as heighten digital experiences.

Apple releases a new mixed reality headset.

Apple’s Journey in the Virtual World

Since last year, Apple has been making headlines based on their decisions concerning NFTs, crypto, and Metaverse. 

First, it allowed apps on the app store to sell NFTs at a rather high commission of 30%. Shortly afterwards, it blocked Coinbase from transferring NFTs.

Apple also prevented the launch of UniSwap mobile wallet and has most recently deleted Bitcoin whitepaper from the next MacBook.

These actions seem like Apple is not exactly for Metaverse. Therefore, it’s refreshing to learn that the mixed reality headset is still being developed and will be launching soon.