Esports powerhouse TSM has teamed up with Avalanche blockchain to create a dedicated “Blitz Subnet” for its competitive gaming platform Blitz. 

This move will allow TSM to hold branded tournaments on the blockchain, using Core to enable user payments and store and sell digital assets. 

With its ecosystem reaching over 30 million gamers, TSM’s partnership with Avalanche could introduce millions of fans to Web3 gaming.

Esports and blockchain

Esports, or electronic sports, are competitive video gaming events that involve professional players and teams. With millions of fans worldwide, esports have become a significant part of the gaming industry and have even started to rival traditional sports in popularity. 

The integration of blockchain technology into the esports industry is becoming increasingly prevalent, with blockchain platforms enabling more secure and transparent gaming experiences for both players and fans. 

Avalanche’s custom subnets

Avalanche’s custom subnets offer faster transaction speeds, greater scalability, and improved security for millions of users, making it a prime choice for developers worldwide. 

By partnering with TSM, John Wu, the President of Ava Labs, believes they can provide players worldwide with innovative gaming experiences. 

Wu also adds that Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets enable organizations to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.

TSM’s CEO is excited about the partnership

TSM’s CEO and founder, Andy Dinh, is thrilled to partner with Avalanche to provide value to users and fans. 

He sees this collaboration as a long-term vision for building authentic and beneficial products for the community. 

With Blitz offering in-game tutorials for popular games, such as League of Legends and Valorant, combined with TSM’s renowned LoL professional team, they are poised to revolutionize the gaming industry and encourage mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming.

Revolutionizing gaming industry

This partnership between TSM and Avalanche is a significant move for the esports industry as it paves the way for the adoption of Web3 gaming. 

TSM’s reach and Avalanche’s custom subnets make them a formidable team, enabling TSM to host branded tournaments and use Core to facilitate user payments and store digital assets. 

As Avalanche positions itself as a blockchain for developers, this partnership is expected to bring innovative gaming experiences worldwide and push the boundaries of what is possible for gaming.