Chinese multinational technology company, Alibaba Cloud, has partnered with the layer 1 blockchain platform Avalanche to launch Cloudverse. That is a solution which will enable businesses to deploy their metaverses on the blockchain.

With the growing popularity of metaverse, there is a need for a secure, scalable, and decentralized platform to host this virtuality. This is where Cloudverse comes in.

According to Alibaba Cloud, Cloudverse will provide a one-stop-shop for metaverse deployment. It will enable developers to create and launch their own virtual worlds on the Avalanche blockchain. The solution will also offer a suite of tools for developers to manage and maintain their metaverses.

Cloudverse is built on Avalanche’s high-speed, low-cost blockchain infrastructure, which makes it ideal for metaverse deployment.

Avalanche’s blockchain can process over 4,500 transactions per second and has a transaction confirmation time of less than two seconds. This means that developers can deploy metaverses that can handle millions of users without compromising on performance.

Avalanche partners with Alibaba Cloud.

Another partner involved in this collaboration is MUA DAO, a service layer that will assist with integrating and customizing metaverses.

The partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche is expected to accelerate the adoption of metaverse technology. The two companies will work together to provide a seamless experience for users with a focus on security, scalability, and decentralization.

Still Metaverse?

After Meta’s Reality Labs’ failure on Metaverse, this move by Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche may freshen the hopes regarding the future of metaverse platforms. Thus metaverses, as a growing trend in the tech industry, become a more secure area to explore the potential of Web3 technology.

As more businesses and developers begin to explore the potential of Metaverse, the demand for a secure and scalable platform for deployment is likely to increase. Cloudverse will be a game-changer in this space!