Iconic motorsport athlete and nine-time motorcycling champion, Valentino Rossi, has entered the metaverse via his Moto Island on Roblox.

Learn all the details below!

Valentino Rossi has been on the motorsport scene for quite some time and is loved by several because he keeps winning titles and has an exciting personality. 

Now, he’s making the thrilling experience of motorcycling more immersive for motorsport fans through his very own metaverse Moto Island that is built on Roblox in collaboration with Dubit studio.

Moto Island offers users an exhilarating online multiplayer racing experience in a vibrant virtual world. 

On the Island, there are tons of bikes to choose from, each equipped with many features and enhancements. You can pick one with your preferred specifications in appearance, and performance and you can customize your suits and helmets, and add as much as a turtle companion to ride with you too! 

Moto Island is built on two core values that mean the world to Valentino – accessibility and customization. These also showcase the competitive nature of the game. 

The Moto Island experience is one of the several other amazing worlds to expect from VR46 Metaverse, the team behind the stunning HD photos of famous nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi in games and in the metaverse. 

Excited about the launch, Valentino Rossi said:

“…Interacting and communicating with my fans has always been a key aspect throughout my career and now it’s so exciting being able to do the same with younger generations through Roblox.”

About Dubit

Founded in 1999, Dubit is a game studio that makes games for eSports, the Metaverse, and for kids. They’re veterans in this space and created the first virtual world for teenagers in Flash (when people loved that!), and since then they’ve created many multiplayer games.