Fast and scalable network, Avalanche, has decided to work together with one of the first Web3 artists, Ed Balloon, to release a Web3-focused concert series. This set of concerts will drive the growth of culture in the space. The very first concert in the series comes up on February 23 at WisdomeLA in Downtown Los Angeles.

Who Is Ed Balloon?

Ed Balloon has become a prominent figure in the Web3 music industry as a result of his creative point of view on music creation. As a community leader and a lifting hand, half of his 2022 Run Ed collection went to The Ed Balloon Generational Wealth Fund. The fund gathers musical works from Black and other undersold artists in Web3. 

A Web3-oriented concert series to diversify culture and representation in Web3

As the inaugural event in the concert series, the February 23rd concert will feature a talent showcase where undiscovered artists take to the stage to represent a diverse faction in the Web3 soundworld. The venue is a great choice to host the concert as WisdomeLA has 360-degree projection features that promise an immersive concert experience.

A key quality to note about the event is that it is free to everyone. Those attending the concert will receive a unique Avalanche Park token, which will serve as an access key to more fan experiences at the concert. Such experiences include a MynaSwap raffle to win a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes from CoolKicks.

Concertgoers who are given Diamond hand Avalanche Park NFTs are rewarded with exclusive access to the event’s RSVP site and experiences. These holders are also eligible for discounts on the concert’s merchandise and opportunities to meet and greet with artists.

Ed Balloon

The idea behind the Web3 concept series belongs to Ed Balloon. The Web3 musician said that the thought process began after he observed a need for diverse cultures and representation in the Web3 space. This concert series will serve as an avenue for upcoming and budding artists to delve into and exhibit their creativity without limits. 

Ed Balloon has selected the following artists for the talent showcase happening on February 23rd: JPEGMAFIA, Witch Prophet, Clipping, and many others. These artists are known for their unique, alternative, dynamic, and otherworldly talents that inspire the souls of their fans. The WisdomeLA event is set to be a huge milestone in the growing Web3 music world.