The prominent crypto company behind the Avalanche chain, Ava Labs, has recently launched Avalanche Arcad3. 

A Brief Introduction to Avalanche Arcad3

Avalanche Arcad3 is an initiative to connect conventional game publishers and crypto organizations. Its main goal is to facilitate the migration of legacy intellectual property into the rapidly expanding realm of Web3 gaming. 

The Avalanche Arcad3 involves prominent games, such as Shrapnel, DeFi Kingdoms, and Gunz. Its portfolio also includes Blitz, the gaming platform owned by the esports entity Team SoloMid (TSM).

The initiative possesses a unique advantage. It can establish connections between game developers in the Web2 realm and Web3 game studios active on Avalanche. It can also link established esports organizations and blockchain gaming guilds. 

Alongside offering guidance on regulatory compliance, the program sheds light on the practical integration of NFTs and prize pools. Moreover, it provides support with esports marketing and in-game tokens on the blockchain.

The Possible Impact of Avalanche Arcad3 on Gaming 

Japanese metaverse and entertainment firms Gree and Gumi have emerged as two of the earliest partners to join Arcad3. 

As per recent revelations, they will delve into blockchain gaming possibilities on the Ethereum-compatible Avalanche chain. Furthermore, Web2 partners will receive valuable guidance and support to effectively navigate the complexities of crypto gaming and promote the adoption of Web3 to their audience.

At last week’s 3XP gaming conference, Ed Chang, the Head of Gaming at Ava Labs, addressed the obstacles that large Web2 studios encounter when they venture into Web3. Chang stressed the non-binding nature of the Avalanche Arcad3, emphasizing its role as a mentorship program and support network. 

This initiative enables studios and game developers to delve into the possibilities of blockchain gaming. They can achieve this while collaborating with experienced Web3 firms.

Eiji Araki, Gree’s Board of Director and SVP of Metaverse, enthusiastically expressed his excitement about joining Ava Labs’ Arcad3 program. 

Araki also discussed Gree’s first-ever Web3 game, titled “Project Incursion”. He portrayed it as a pioneering endeavor combining two decades of expertise in mobile game development with Web3’s innovative dynamics. Although the game holds promise, specific details are still undisclosed.

The Resilient Blockchain Gaming World!

Various institutions seem to be losing interest in the potential of Web3 after the crypto winter. Despite these occurrences and the ongoing regulatory assault, many still find blockchain gaming highly enticing. 

Prominent people, like EA founder William Murray Hawkins III, are transitioning from Web2 to Web3. DappRadar reported earlier this year that leading tokens in the blockchain gaming sector grew by 122% in 2022. The platform crowned Polygon and WAX as the leading gaming protocols in March.