A new alliance between Notable Live, a digital platform that stimulates exceptional fan experiences, and eBay, a global commerce leader that links millions of buyers and sellers, has been announced to the desire to improve the socialization between sports fans/collectors and players/league teams. 

Mike Antonucci, the co-founder and CEO of Notable Live, said that their collaborations focus on offering innovative solutions that provide fans direct access. These solutions are found in accurate contributions that connect memories to artifacts and first-person stories from the sources themselves.

Star and fan connections via eBay and Notable Live

Notable Live combines LIVE video interaction with event-like features to give fans a closer and more direct connection with their favorite icons. Fans can meet and connect with their preferred players, teams, and leagues in virtual and actual events by using the Notable Live platform. This helps link the two to have a wonderful time and create memories. Also, Notable Live will supply eBay with limited-edition NFT and player apparel.

eBay’s interest in NFTs

eBay has been advancing significantly in the NFT market. Despite the diminishing market interest, it began airing the NFT collection “Genesis” in June last year after acquiring the UK-based NFT marketplace KnownOrigin for an undisclosed sum. In addition to acquirements, eBay contributes to investments in NFT projects and companies. According to a statement from the company, Notable Live’s Series A investment was previously led by eBay Ventures, the venture capital department of eBay.

eBay’s NFT sales aren’t kept on-chain the way NFTs bought and sold on blockchain marketplaces, like OpenSea, are. The digital asset is handed to the customer by a redemption link once the purchase is made, and purchases are made by using fiat currencies via PayPal or a credit card.

The company’s involvement in Web3 is a part of the plan to restructure its e-business and gain an advantage over its main rivals, like Amazon, which has recently started to become involved.