Starbots, the first-ever play-to-earn robot battle game on Solana, has announced that it is temporarily closing its operations due to the ongoing decline in the cryptocurrency market, which resulted in the liquidity crisis faced by many blockchain game studios and startups. 

The game, which was actually well received by players, has suffered from declining revenue, making it difficult for the team to maintain the project. The announcement was made on the game’s Discord channel on February 1, 2023. 

The Starbots team faced numerous difficulties in the latter half of 2022, with the decline of the market only adding to the challenges they faced. Despite the team’s efforts to seek outside financial support, they were unsuccessful due to difficulties in the negotiation process. This, combined with a gradually declining player base, meant that the cost of operation had to be carefully considered.

Despite these challenges, the Starbots team is committed to finding reasonable measures and options to supplement their funding in order to maintain and develop the project. The team hopes that by temporarily closing the game, they will be able to secure the necessary funding to bring the game back in the future.

The Starbots team is grateful for the support and encouragement received from players over the past year. They hope that players will keep good memories of the game and team and look forward to the possibility of Starbots making a comeback in the future.

It seems, the decision to temporarily close Starbots was not taken lightly, and the team hopes that players understand the difficult circumstances that led to this decision. The cryptocurrency market’s decline has affected many blockchain game studios and startups, as we know it, and Starbots is no exception. 

Hopefully, the team remains committed to finding a solution that will allow them to bring the game back in the future since they are thankful for the support they have received from players to date.