The digital fan token platform, Starzz, has revealed its partnership with Sport1, a television company headquartered in Germany. 

As part of the collaboration, Sport1 has acquired ownership stakes in Starzz LLC, the parent company of the Web3 startup that facilitates the distribution of fan tokens to sports clubs and celebrities.

Sport1 TV, digital, audio, and social media platforms will provide Starzz with a space. Additionally, the two parties have committed to collaborating on the advancement of Web3 technology, focusing on enabling direct, interactive engagement between celebrities and their fans.

Sport1 stated in a press release that they are well positioned to bring the sports and entertainment industries onto Web3 by merging their consumer-facing platforms with Starzz’s digital fan token platform.

Marco Kowalewski, the Founder of Starzz LLC, stated about the partnership:

“We are very happy to have SPORT1 as a renowned and well-known partner at our side, who is aware of the opportunities in the sports and entertainment market due to the digital transformation. Through this partnership, we hope to make the Starzz brand better known in the German-speaking region and to launch joint products with high user acceptance.”

Starzz’s business model strives to enrich the engagement between sports clubs, athletes, celebrities, or content creators and fans through services on the Platform. The platform will offer fan interaction through a social media network equipped with newsfeeds, streaming capabilities, and various other features. 

Moreover, it will establish a marketplace for merchandise and NFTs, alongside providing other practical applications, like ticketing, marketing services, and user incentive and reward systems.

The platform is scheduled to be launched in December 2023, and interested users can already sign up at

Starzz offers the Platform and the Fanzz Exchange, supported by the native SRZ non-fungible token and Champion NFTs.

Sport1 partners with Starzz.

Within the Starzz universe, the “Champions” will have the ability to create their own Champion tokens for their fans. These tokens will allow fans to participate in polls on the Platform. 

The polls can cover a wide range of topics, such as selecting a soccer team’s jersey for the next season or the tracks for a musician’s “best of” album.

About Starrz

Starzz is a platform meticulously crafted to assist stars in locating their most cherished fans and accessing fresh monetization prospects to uncover the future of fan interaction. 

Individuals are encouraged to partake in enthralling Metaverse escapades, indulge in effortless streaming, acquire possession of exclusive NFTs, safeguard coveted event passes and embrace fashionable merchandise.