The Swiss Football Association and Credit Suisse will launch an NFT collection for supporting women’s football in Switzerland. The collection involves 756 NFTs, and it will be launched on July 11. The collection sale will be available on only CSX Digital Assets Market Place. 

These NFTs, generated on the Ethereum blockchain, can be purchased through CSX, Credit Suisse’s digital banking utility. Profits from the fundraising will be directed towards supporting national team players and young women aspiring to pursue a long-term career in football. The utilization of the Ethereum blockchain ensures a secure and regulated environment for these virtual assets, representing the harmonious fusion of art, technology, and sports.

People have the option to acquire not only specific virtual artwork but also physical artwork, signed jerseys, and the opportunity to meet the players in person. Direct debit payments in Swiss francs can be made for the sale without any hassle. 

Swiss Women’s National Team

Renowned Swiss designer Daniela Filippelli played an important role in bringing these NFTs to life, showcasing Credit Suisse’s innovative approach to the Swiss virtual asset market. Interested NFT fans can choose from three distinct application options, each offering unique benefits, with prices ranging from 150 to 10,000 Swiss francs ($167 to $11,000).

These NFTs are the digital portraits of the members of the Swiss Women’s National Team. Thanks to the digital art pieces, people get the chance to recognize the members of the team.

Sandra Caviezel, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships at Credit Suisse, expressed her interest in using NFTs as a way to strengthen the growing girls’ soccer in Switzerland. She stated about the collection:

“These funds will on the one hand provide direct support to the women’s national team and on the other hand will be used for girls’ football projects and are thus earmarked for the promotion of young talent.’’

Final Words

The  initiative illustrates how Credit Suisse can leverage emerging technologies for social good. Also, he collaboration with the Swiss Football Association shows the tremendous potential of creative partnerships to advance equality and improve the conditions in sports.

Similarly, FC Barcelona has made strides in empowering women in football with its NFT collection. This furthers the industry’s awareness of the importance of promoting inclusion and gender equality in sports. 

The movements by Credit Suisse and FC Barcelona mark a positive shift towards greater opportunities and support for women in football. During the support, we can see the inclusion of women in different fields, thanks to NFT technology.