In the news, we would like to mention an event called Crypto Fest by Bitcoin Events which will provide the participants with the chance of improving themselves in Web3.0 space, DeFi, crypto, and NFTs!

Sponsors of Crypto Fest are Polygon, Binance, FTX,, Libex, Opera, and more.  

What is Crypto Fest?

Crypto Fest by Bitcoin Events, that organizes DeFi Conference and Blockchain Africa Conference, is an amazing event involving exhibitions, a Metaverse zone, an NFT Gallery, and more.

In 2022, the fourth edition will be encountered, and, for the first time, the event will be hybrid! In other words, it will be both in-person in Cape Town, South Africa and virtual via live stream.

Crypto Fest’22 by Bitcoin Events will be held on 30 September 2022 at Grand Africa Café and Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. If you want to expand your network and improve your knowledge in the industry, you should not miss the great event!

What awaits you at Crypto Fest’22?

First of all, there will be top global speakers who will share their knowledge about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3.0, DeFi industry, and so on. Also, we want to emphasize that keynote speakers of the event include Michael Jordan of Polygon, Hannes Wessels of Binance, Nolu Mashologu of FTX, and Wiehann Olivier of Mazars. As you can understand, there will be big names in Crypto Fest’22!

Secondly, there will be booths in the marketplace, and you will get the chance of exploring exciting collaborations, creating new strategic partnerships, and discovering the latest NFT, DeFi, and cryptocurrency solutions, products, platforms, and services. These booths will be available both virtually and in-person.

Thirdly, participants will get a pair of exclusive crypto-themed socks, and there will be other rewards! If you want to encounter various prizes and giveaways, join Crypto Fest’22 and enter competitions!

Fourthly, there will be a contest on controversial subjects called Crypto Battle. In addition to the contest, you can expand your network, analyze well-known local and international artists’ NFTs at NFT Gallery, go to the interactive Metaverse Gaming area, and participate in the after-party during Crypto Fest’22.

Cycling by the Riverside by Portchie

Examples from Crypto Fest’22

Arno Carstens, an award-winning musician and artist, will release his first fine art NFT piece called ‘’SAMSARA’’ at Crypto Fest 2022.

Craig Chitima, a digital designer, 3D and NFT artist, will showcase his Ubu Afro collection.

Portchie, one of South Africa’s truly original artists, will showcase his NFT Art Collection, ‘’Cycling by the Riverside’’.

In addition to these artists, marketplaces that are Libex, Artjamming, Morianah Inc., NFT Market Africa, and African NFT will showcase some of their African NFT art collections.

We shared a few digital art examples from Crypto Fest’22 because we want you to see and examine other NFTs and talents on your own by participating in the event! You can reach the tickets for the event via the link.

We would like to finish the news with the words of the co-founder of Bitcoin Events:

Change is inevitable, and the world is – slowly but surely – realising the impact that crypto and crypto-related technologies are having on the future of industry. Now is the time to look up and explore the opportunities that exist.

Sonya Kuhnel, co-founder and director of Bitcoin Events