As a media partner of the Cutting-Edge Games Conference, we are proud to announce the twelfth CGC! All details of the event can be found below.

What is CGC?

Cutting-Edge Games Conference was established in 2018 to organize a series of international conferences dedicated to exploring and promoting the synergy between video games and cutting-edge technologies, including Web3, blockchain, NFTs, VR, and AR.

Before CGC XII, eleven conferences were held, and more than 20000 delegates from over 100 countries were gathered together in the previous conferences. In these events, people reached the chance to create new partnerships and encounter various opportunities.

What awaits you at CGC XII?

CGC XII will be held in two days format, and it will be digital, so you should not think about transportation or accommodation! The conference will be held on 17-18 November to gather thousands of attendees from over a hundred countries.

In CGC XII, you can watch and listen to experts and influencers from the field. Furthermore, you can improve your knowledge in the field and learn about new games and developments. In addition to these, you can explore the digital expo filled with a variety of booths and activities. Furthermore, we must emphasize that you can mingle with friends and industry peers, network, and have fun on your own terms and time.

Conference: CGC invites the most influential and in-demand expert speakers to share their wisdom and expertise. Also, these speakers will cover critical topics about gaming, NFTs, Web3, blockchain technology, and Metaverse, so you can get the chance to learn from industry-thought leaders in CGC XII.

Show Floor: You can learn about innovative projects developed by Web3 start-ups. Also, you can participate in various activities and support your favorite games.

Networking: Game developers, start-up founders, gamers, marketing professionals, influencers, exhibitors, and advisors will be gathered together at the conference, and they will expand their network. Hence, you can communicate with these people to discuss opportunities and make new acquaintances.