On September 23rd and 24th, the leading blockchain games conference will return! Get ready for two days of unmissable content and online networking. CGC⁝⁝⁝ (AKA CGC 9 – yes, it is the ninth edition!) is a truly global gathering, with over 2000 attendees representing more than 100 countries. In a series of in-depth presentations and hot debates, 50+ expert speakers will cover the most up-to-date developments in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and DeFi, as well as their intersection and fusion. The digital nature of the conference makes it safe and affordable to attend from any place in the world from the comfort of your screen.

Ready Player One?

The synthesis of blockchain games, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) enabled a paradigm-shifting Play-to-Earn phenomenon. Pieces of the puzzle have come together introducing new types of game economies owned and controlled by players and communities.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are either fully run on blockchains or utilize decentralized networks in some of their mechanics. The main feature is the ability of players to store value and guarantee the true ownership of in-game items. Purchased items can be owned, transferred, or sold to other players allowing for the creation of a healthy market of virtual assets.


Decentralized Finance transforms traditional financial services into trustless and transparent tools that run without intermediaries using blockchain technologies. DeFi protocols allow people to lend and borrow funds, trade and speculate on price movements and earn interest on their assets.


Non-Fungible Tokens are genuine digital items minted on a blockchain. Each item’s uniqueness and ownership is proven by distributed ledger and cannot be counterfeited. These qualities brought adoption and massive use of NFTs by game developers, artists, auction houses, fashion brands, musicians and digital metaverses bringing all of them together.

The Conference

CGC⁝⁝⁝ unites luminaries of blockchain games, NFT and DeFi sectors to share experience and wisdom, as well as to shape the future use cases of technology in a series of inspiring presentations, hot debates and fireside chats. Expect hours of invaluable content and knowledge. CGC’s Ask-to-Earn gamification mechanic will reward authors of the best questions!


Effortlessly look up the catalogue of attendees and companies to find proper connections. Get in touch and mix using the meeting system, private or group chats. Easily communicate with speakers, exhibitors and media. Make new acquaintances and discuss opportunities as if it’s a good old physical show. Accessible to all, everywhere in the world!

About CGC

CGC has been running a series of international events about technology and video games since early 2018, targeting industry professionals and enthusiasts excited about blockchain, VR/AR and innovation. Eight conferences have already taken place, bringing together more than 13,000 delegates from over 100 countries, and creating hundreds of new partnerships and opportunities. Designed as a global knowledge center, a showcase of emerging tech and trends as well as a platform for networking, CGC endeavors to drive dissemination and mass adoption of disruptive technologies set to change video games and entertainment industries. More information at www.cgc.one