AliExpress, the international trading arm of Alibaba Group, has formed a partnership with The Moment3! to release 5,555 exclusive NFTs on June 25th. 

This collaboration represents a significant step for Alibaba Group, a leading player in China’s e-commerce industry, as it seeks to innovate in the online retail sector. 

The official announcement of this exciting partnership was initially made on AliExpress’ Twitter account, indicating the platform’s expansion into the world of cryptocurrencies. Although the tweet was later deleted, details about the collaboration can still be found on The Moment3!’s Twitter account. 

The upcoming launch of these NFTs offers an exceptional opportunity for customers to acquire unique digital collectibles that come with additional benefits. AliExpress’ entry into the crypto space aligns with its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. 

This move follows AliExpress’ recent integration with on May 4th, a platform that facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies for transactions on major e-commerce platforms.

Moreover, AliExpress has further reinforced its dedication to cryptocurrency integration by expanding its accepted currencies. On May 31st, the platform included Floki Inu, a meme coin, in its list of supported digital currencies. This expansion offers users a wider range of payment options, enhancing convenience and accessibility in the digital realm.

The partnership with The Moment3! holds significance due to the project’s ambitious aim of establishing connections with real-world businesses. 

Beyond the inherent value of the NFT collectibles, The Moment3! seeks to provide NFT owners with exclusive privileges and benefits. These additional perks were disclosed through the project’s Discord channel, garnering attention and excitement within the crypto community.

This strategic move solidifies AliExpress’ position in the crypto industry and showcases its continuous pursuit of innovation in the online retail sector. Through amazing initiatives, like integrating with and accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, the company strives to offer users enhanced payment options while remaining at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape.