Electronic Arts (EA) founder, William Murray ‘’Trip’’ Hawkins III, has made the decision to transition from Web2 to Web3 by joining a blockchain gaming company. 

The startup, known as Games for a Living, has employed Trip Hawkins as its chief strategy officer. He will also be a member of the startup’s management board.

About Games for a Living

Games for a Living is a startup that specializes in developing games suitable for PCs, mobiles, and consoles. The company, based in Barcelona, Spain, releases both Web2 and Web3 versions of its games. 

Another product by the startup is the Games for a Living Network, which will ensure that users can access several blockchain features. 

Currently, the firm has released Elemental Raiders, an arena role playing game, and Diamond Dreams, a match 3 game. These games feature easy and seamless login authentication and make use of the Games for a Living token ($GFAL).

Games For A Living takes in Electronic Arts founder

The gaming startup proceeded to recruit Hawkins in order to achieve its mission of mass adoption and understanding of Web3 games. 

Hawkins shared his opinion regarding his new career path by stating:

“I’m excited to begin my journey with Games for a Living, leveraging new and emerging technologies to enhance performance and create exciting, immersive experiences for gamers.” 

The EA founder anticipates an improved usage of blockchains by content creators. He also shared that Games for a Living plans to achieve this in a manner that boosts game performance and value for players and, simultaneously, maintains a fun environment.