Animoca Brands has announced a strategic alliance with Farcana which is a free-to-play 3rd-person PC arena shooter powered by a Web3 economy. 

The goal of the collaboration is to change the world of group shooting by helping to combine individual tactical skills with a Bitcoin reward system focused on esports, namely storytelling coincides.

Farcana selected to work with Animoca Brands due to the company’s vast experience and equal community in virtual property rights quar for gaming and Metaverse. Together, they intend to create a gaming experience that attracts the gamers’ interest in the Web3 space. 

The collaboration will focus on key areas including stress-testing games and optimizing the token economy. Animoca Brands will provide valuable insight and analysis to refine Farcana’s entertainment programs and complementary systems, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable game.

Furthermore, Animoca Brands will work closely with the Farcana management to facilitate a comprehensive Web3 migration to the market. Leveraging its expertise and extensive partnerships in the blockchain gaming industry, the company will provide strategic direction to ensure Farcana’s successful entry into the emerging Web3 and decentralized gaming landscape.

Farcana partners with Animoca.

About Farcana

Farcana is an upcoming free-to-play tactical shooter recreation built on the Unreal Engine 5. The game connects traditional Web2 gaming with Web3 gaming by focusing on a Web3 economy. 

With a focus on 4v4 play, unique individual skills, and Bitcoin rewards, Farcana promises to provide an engaging experience for players, combining clever gameplay with strategic choices.

The game has already generated a lot of interest, with more than 30,000 players participating in the first game test, which took place in June 2023.