Animoca Brands has been actively involved in numerous collaborations within the Web3 space. These partnerships highlight the company’s dedication to exploring decentralized technologies and their potential to transform various industries. For example, it recently collaborated with Rarible to launch an NFT marketplace for Mocaverse.

Animoca Brands plans to connect a social network to user accounts, streamlining decentralized app launches and boosting audience reach. The team are calling this a ‘super account’ concept, designed to encourage more people to use these decentralized apps. In the near future, the company will enable users to invite friends and connections to their favorite decentralized apps within Mocaverse.

Now, the company is continuing its valuable collaborations to improve Mocaverse. The most recent partnership is with CyberConnect. 

CyberConnect is a social network within Web3, designed for developers to create social applications by using ERC-4337/Account Abstraction. It empowers users by allowing them to own their digital identity, content, and interactions. It was founded in 2021 by a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurial team.

Leveraging CyberConnect’s Smart Account System

CyberAccount is responsible for more than 90% of the total smart accounts (smart contract wallets) established up until now. 

This partnership relies on CyberConnect’s advanced smart account system, CyberAccount, as the foundational element for establishing the identity framework. Users can access a variety of games and services from Animoca Brands and its affiliates through a unified smart account solution.

Capitalizing on the recent V3 upgrade from CyberConnect, which introduces the innovative ERC-4337-enabled CyberAccount, the two entities have opted to amplify their collaborative initiatives. 

cyberconnect partners with animoca for mocaverse

About Mocaverse

At the heart of Mocaverse, 8,888 distinctive Mocas emerge, each an NFT profile picture (PFP) functioning as a pass, granting access to Animoca Brands’ internal team, stakeholders, partners, and select token possessors.

The primary objective of Mocaverse goes beyond simple digital creations. It aims to unite the Web3 community into a cohesive network, building connections based on shared goals and principles. Within this platform, users are empowered to exchange ideas, gain knowledge, establish relationships, and enjoy gaming interactions.