Ankr, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider and leading node provider on Binance and Polygon, has teamed up with Flare Network. 

Together, they seek to bolster Flare Network’s capabilities in secure data acquisition and interoperability. This collaboration strives to expand Flare’s collection of tools and resources for developers. They can access a broader range of remote procedure call (RPC) tooling while constructing applications on the Flare network.

Furthermore, developers will be able to utilize Ankr’s Advanced APIs. These include custom indexing, essential for reducing initial onboarding difficulties and enabling effortless retrieval of on-chain data, like NFT metadata.

Ankr ensures the shortest possible path for dApp requests through its extensive infrastructure. It spans 12 countries on five continents and consists of over 600 nodes. Ankr’s load balancer automatically directs all requests to the nearest data center, enabling rapid rerouting during outages or failures. 

This robust system maintains an exceptional uptime of 99.99%. Additionally, Ankr’s nodes boast an impressive industry-leading average response time of only 110ms. They deliver high-speed and low-latency services to the Web3 development community.

Hugo Philion, the CEO and co-founder of Flare, expressed his viewpoint on the partnership with Ankr. He stated this collaboration underscores Flare’s commitment to empowering developers with a flexible, powerful, and dependable stack. They can employ this stack in building and managing their dApps and services. Therefore, this collaboration guarantees enterprise-level standards of availability and security.

About Ankr

Ankr is a leading cloud infrastructure provider in the rapidly growing Web3 space. Through bare metal cloud servers, it offers RPC services to over 35 blockchains, including HTTPS and WebSocket RPC endpoints. 

Ankr boasts a comprehensive suite of developer tools. These are designed to simplify creating innovative, sophisticated, and highly scalable multichain dApps.

About Flare

With its unique interoperable cross-chain solution, Flare Network paves the way for new use cases and monetization models. It distinguishes itself as an EVM-based Layer-1 smart contract platform that expands the practicality of blockchain technology. Flare achieves this by optimizing decentralized off-chain data acquisition, empowering developers through oracles integrated into the network’s structure. 

As an EVM-compatible chain, Flare allows developers to deploy decentralized applications written in Solidity. This quality facilitates the acquisition of price and time series data, blockchain events, and state data on a significant scale.