Artificial intelligence (AI) cryptocurrencies are digital assets that may be used to facilitate exchange between AI developers, data providers, and other parties in the space. The major difference between AI crypto and regular crypto is that AI crypto are particularly tailored to function in the AI world. These are the top five AI cryptocurrencies: (FET) is “an autonomous agent technology” that enables P2P applications with its AI features. This cryptocurrency, using its native token, FET, aims to provide a decentralized digital infrastructure for the deployment of autonomous agents and smart contracts with or without direct access to a blockchain. is an open-source blockchain platform that can be used to perform various tasks, such as making transactions, providing services, and discovering and sharing information.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is a blockchain platform built for supply chain management. VeChain’s mission is to provide a decentralized, accessible system for tracking the flow of goods and products via supply chains. To offer real-time tracking and authentication of products, the platform combines blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. This can be utilized to improve the efficiency of supply chain operations as well as boost consumer transparency and trust in products. 

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is a decentralized blockchain-based platform for developing and deploying AI-based services. The platform enables anybody to build, share, and sell AI services with the goal of establishing a decentralized AI market where consumers may access a diverse range of AI services from various suppliers. SingularityNET is based on Ethereum and uses its own currency, AGIX, to pay for AI solutions on the network. 

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

A decentralized and secure infrastructure for the AI sector is what DeepBrain Chain (DBC) seeks to offer. The platform makes use of blockchain technology to build a decentralized and distributed computing network that can be used to train and run AI models. The DBC network harnesses idle processing capacity from network nodes to conduct AI computations decentralized, lowering the cost and boosting the effectiveness of AI training. The platform’s native currency, DBC, is used to pay for network computing resources and AI models.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized open-source protocol for data sharing and monetization. It uses blockchain technology to build a decentralized data exchange where data suppliers can safely trade their data with approved users. The Ocean Protocol ecosystem contains the OCEAN token, which is designed to encourage data providers and consumers to join the network. The protocol also provides a set of smart contracts and a system for data management for sharing and monetizing data securely and privately.

The growing synergy between AI and crypto is definitely something Web3 users should anticipate. This powerful combination will lead to the development of more secure data-oriented solutions that will be beneficial for a lot of Web3 users.