WISeKey is launching eTreeNFT.com, to connect trees, NFTs, and crypto. eTreeNFT.com is a marketplace, and each NFT in this platform is linked to one real tree which sequesters carbon to regenerate a real farm. Also, the trees will be tagged and tracked via WISeSat.Space low orbit satellites.

Currently, WISeKey is running one of the largest decentralized NFT marketplaces and has extended its efforts to preserve trees via NFTs for carbon emission compensation. Assets representing trees are created or minted, held, and sold. The cool thing about this is that they can track the trees they are tied to. They can also stimulate tree growth and health and make room for accurate carbon assessments. Holders who show great tree care may be rewarded.

The Working Mechanism of eTreeNFT.com

People who purchase an eTree NFT will be credited with their NFT when a tree is planted. After that, their eTree NFTs can be traded on the market where users can be rewarded for their contribution to offsetting carbon emissions. 

The CEO of WISEKey, Carlos Moreira, announced that tokenizing the process will make it easier to measure the impact the initiative is making on the environment and that market growth has a role to play in establishing a worldwide market for carbon credits and allowing more efficient pricing and wider access.

Currently, WiseKey only supports Polygon and CasperLabs but plans to integrate more blockchains.

About WISeKey 

WISeKey is a global cybersecurity and IoT company that uses satellite technology and blockchain to deploy large-scale digital identity ecosystems for people and things. WISeKey establishes itself as a leader in the IoT space and is uniquely positioned as its semiconductors have produced large quantities of Big Data that upon analysis with AI, help with predictive maintenance. WISeKey’s technologies find use cases across diverse industries. One that they are particularly passionate about is ensuring online transactions between objects and people are transparent.