In its true glamorous fashion, Bugatti Group has announced that it will be joining forces with Web3 projects to create limited-edition products and NFTs. 

The initiative is aimed at creating exclusive Web3-branded luggage which will be available in airports worldwide. This will provide inclusive community-driven experiences in this virtual world

To enjoy these recent moves by the famous luxury brand, you need to join its community via a token-gated store. This will allow you to use your NFTs to access and personalize Bugatti’s products. 

By using the token-gated store, only members of the community will be able to access and personalize these limited-edition products, adding exclusivity and value to the brands.

Bugatti’s commitment to Web3 adoption is glaring. This recent program shows that it’s listening to its customers and wants to deliver on its promise to innovate and be the business of the future.

Previously, Bugatti partnered with some blockchain brands to launch a new website. The brands include Apes Together Strong, Apocalyptic Apes, Kitaro, Toxic Skull Club, EAT, Violetta Zironi, Grandpa Ape Country Club, Pepe Ape Yacht Club, and others. These projects are popular and have recorded some laudable achievements in the Web3 space. 

With this new program, Bugatti will create valuable, innovative user experiences for their consumers. Other Web3 projects are welcome to partner with Bugatti on this limited-edition luggage partnership program. This will provide a platform to showcase their art and creativity to a global audience. 

About Bugatti Group

The Bugatti Group is a North American company that designs, manufactures, creates, and sells different kinds of luxury leather items, like travel bags, luggage, and business bags worldwide. 

Headquartered in Quebec Canada, it has offices in Asia and the United States. The Bugatti Group is well-known in global markets and you can learn more at