As a media partner, we want to announce an amazing event called Web3 Developer Summit! In the news, you can reach the details of the event.

What is Web3 Developer Summit 2023?

Web3 Developer Summit 2023, which will be Turkey’s first developer-specific event, opens its doors with the content partnership of Istanbul Kultur University – Design Factory! people and organizations that develop applications on blockchain with the main theme of “Experience Sharing” will talk about their experiences and career opportunities in the summit. Also, we want to emphasize that the event will be held in the 1000-seat auditorium of Istanbul Kultur University on January 7, 2023.  

The event was designed as a camp for developers, designers, and digital marketing professionals who want to enter the world of Web3 but hesitate about the starting point. Panelists, who have gained experience in national and international projects, will open new doors for the participants to understand the field.

Experience sharing and networking will be provided with the help of panels, and some workshops will be held in the Design Factory area during Web3 Developer Summit.

Web3 Developer Summit’s Panels

Devcon Panel

Valuable panelists participating in Devcon, an event that brings the Ethereum ecosystem together in a different country every year, will be taking the pulse of Devcon.

dApp Panel

Project development, technical requirements, and marketing processes will be discussed in terms of dApps.

Gaming Panel

The experiences of the studios, which carry Turkey’s culture in the game ecosystem and their technical skills to on-chain projects, will be shared during this panel. The changing dynamics of the gaming industry with blockchain, which is seen as the gateway for the next 1 million users to Web3, will be highlighted. At that point, we want to emphasize that the co-founder of NFT Horizon, Ulaşcan Deniz Genç, will be a panelist in this panel.

Career Panel

Panelists who build a career in the Web3 space will tell the audience the traces of their path in terms of career. Moreover, will be sharing the training opportunities they provide and the processes they experience.

Legal Panel

The legal provisions of the responsibilities of being a third party in the projects developed by entrepreneurs and developers and the “code” regulations in the world will be discussed.

NFT Panel

Every aspect of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be discussed during this panel. Like the gaming panel, Ulaşcan Deniz Genç is also a panelist in NFT Panel.

DAO Panel

Participants who have taken part in international DAO projects will share their ideas about DAOs.

Developer Panel

In this panel, the effects of Web3 on developers, new technologies, and the benefits of Web3 software development processes will be discussed.

Web3 Developer Summit’s Workshops

How to Write a White Paper

The writing process of a white paper will be explained in this workshop.


The main theme of the workshop is the Solidity language used for EVM-based blockchains.


It will be a workshop where the use of today’s shining development language Rust and Solana will be explained, and questions about these notions will be answered.

ZK Rollups & Layer2

The future blockchain technology zero knowledge concept and layer2 solutions will be considered during the workshop.

Final Words

Web3 Developer Summit 2023 is very rich event in terms of Web3 and the blockchain ecosystem with its panels and workshops. Due to this circumstance, you should not miss this summit! You can reach Web3 Developer Summit’s tickets via the link.