Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Eluvio have recently unveiled ‘The Flash Web3 Movie Experience’. This groundbreaking concept aims to transform how fans interact with DC superhero films by introducing a multimedia NFT.

WB Movieverse has launched The Flash Web3 Movie Experience as its third release. The innovative idea in the WB Movieverse follows Superman Web3 Movie Experience and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Web3 Movie Experience. This latest endeavour intends to provide fans with a distinctive platform to engage with their beloved movies. 


Owners can access exclusive features, acquire valuable key art, uncover digital Easter eggs, and explore hidden augmented reality (AR) collectibles. These exciting features can be enjoyed on multiple devices, including desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and TVs. Furthermore, a community marketplace will be established on August 1, allowing users to sell this immersive experience.

Fans are transported into an exhilarating journey with The Flash and other multiverse heroes through this captivating Web3 movie experience. The experience immerses participants in an interactive adventure where they assist The Flash in navigating the enigmatic “Chronobowl”. They can uncover concealed clues and gain access to exclusive content.

The Flash Web3 Movie Experience presents two editions: Mystery and Premium. The Mystery edition, available for $35, encompasses a Flash theatrical film, special features, and digital collectibles. The Premium edition, priced at $100, contains all the Mystery edition’s features and offers exclusive premium special features.

Certain groups, including DC Bat Cowl NFT holders and Lord of the Rings Web3 Movie Experience holders, received early access to The Flash Web3 Movie Experience editions. This early access commenced at 12:01 AM ET on July 18 and was available for an exclusive 12-hour period.

The release of The Flash Web3 Movie Experience was made available at 12:01 PM ET on July 18. It was exclusively accessible at web3.wb.com. Payment options encompass credit cards or cryptocurrency.