In recent times, the aviation sector has been more receptive to the Web3 space. Airlines, like ANA and Flybondi, have recently delved into NFTs. Also, Vueling has made moves to adopt cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This progress offers the potential for an industry shift, characterized by improved passenger experience. Now, it is time to the NFTs of Volaris! 

In 2022, Volaris marked a thrilling milestone, becoming the first Mexican airline to transport over 30 million passengers in a year. Looking ahead, Volaris is gearing up for an entry into the world of Web3.

Volaris has followed its counterparts to embrace NFTs. This marks the first Mexican airline to launch its first ever NFT collection.

Volaris’ NFT Collection: Ten Designs

Volaris’ collection showcases 10 distinct designs, each symbolizing various destinations. These destinations include Cancun, Bogota, Tijuana, Mexico City, Peru, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The biggest perk of these NFTs is the Volaris Annual Pass which provides buyers with tangible travel benefits. 

Volaris Annual Pass offers unlimited one-way flights across the airline’s entire network for a full year. This pass is akin to Frontier Airlines’ offering in the US, catering to digital nomads and spontaneous travelers. 

The pass holders can obtain domestic boarding passes one day in advance and international ones three days ahead. Limited seats are reserved for the pass holders on each flight, and they must cover taxes, charges, and extras.

Volaris releases NFTs

NFTs Can Be Purchased on OpenSea

Thirty unique NFTs have been unveiled by the airline company on OpenSea, accompanied by a special early-bird opportunity. The initial 20 purchasers will be rewarded with an exclusive welcome package brimming with distinctive adventures.

Daniel Gelemovich, Volaris’ director of marketing and digital, expressed excitement about their pioneering move into the NFT space and Web3. He emphasized their dedication to leveraging technologies, such as blockchain, to provide exceptional travel experiences. Gelemovich said that they are also committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and customer service.

As Volaris takes flight into Web3, they are not just selling digital assets; they are selling dreams of destinations, adventures, and limitless possibilities. The company reminds us that innovation knows no bounds, leaving us to wonder what the future holds for travel and technology.