Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling, a subsidiary of the International Airlines Group (IAG), has signed a partnership with the cryptocurrency company Criptan to research and recommend an NFT technical adoption strategy, as well as support for cryptocurrency payments. The move reflects the increasing interest of airlines in the crypto and NFT space, as they look to offer more convenient and advanced options for customers.

Jesús Monzó, the distribution and alliances manager at Vueling, stated:

“This agreement places us at the forefront of new technologies and innovation, further strengthening our commitment to our customers and offering the best and most advanced tools and solutions on our website.’’

The airline company hopes to activate NFT payment support in the middle of 2023 and plans to streamline its use of the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) technology, a payment system used in the aviation industry.

According to Jesús Monzó, Vueling will get logical decisions to provide its customers with the immersive and great experience in terms of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, thanks to this collaboration.

Increasing interest toward cryptocurrencies and NFTs by airline companies

The airline company is not alone in its interest toward the crypto and NFT world; Other airline companies, like AirBaltic, is starting to accept Bitcoin payments for their tickets. The trend has continued to grow, with more than 300 airlines now supporting cryptocurrency payments after Bitpay, the crypto payment solution provider, partnered with the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP).

The move to integrate NFTs in its services shows the commitment of the airline company to use technology to advance its services. NFTs and cryptocurrency are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to stay relevant in their respective industries. The aviation industry is no exception, and if Vueling’s partnership with Criptan is successful, it will become the first airline in Europe to support the use of NFT technology.

Jorge Soriano, the CEO of Criptan, said that the cooperation between the two companies would leverage the convenience that the decentralized web offers its users.