We shared some significant skills and possible career plans in blockchain technology with you previously. Now, we want to focus on some Metaverse jobs because Metaverse is becoming more popular day by day, and a lot of people love the virtual world. If you are also a Metaverse-lover, you can consider these jobs and develop yourself for them!

Event Organizer

As you know, a lot of real-life events, like concerts, cinemas, and theatres, started to appear in the version of Metaverse-based events. In other words, most of the events become online with the help of Metaverse, and this circumstance is better for us due to the pandemic or any other critical situation in the real world.

For example, Decentraland organized Metaverse Music Festival in November, and Intraverse will present its NFT Winter Fest tomorrow. Like the examples, a lot of popular companies in the Web3 space prefer to organize various Metaverse-backed events to expand and develop their communities. Also, they make their customers/users happy with these amazing and surprising events!

Because of the increase in the number of Metaverse events, companies in the field started to seek successful and creative event organizers/planners. People can think that planning an event is very easy at the first glance, but this thought is not true. Events are complex situations, and they must be planned in terms of their target audience’s ideas, beliefs, values, and so on. Due to the complexity of planning and organizing online events, event planners and organizers are very important in Metaverse. These people can plan virtual exhibitions, concerts, festivals, movie theatre activities, conferences, seminars, and so on.

Cybersecurity Expert

As we emphasized in a lot of articles, cybersecurity is a significant issue in the Web3 space. Like in Web2, users can encounter different scam types and hacking methods in Web3, and these bad incidents can affect users’ Metaverse experience. Due to the current situation, Metaverse companies are seeking cybersecurity experts.

Cybersecurity experts have expert power in the field of information technology security, so they can make networks safe for users. In other words, they fight against some external threats, such as hackers, scammers, and crackers. Moreover, they consider laws and protocols about the security of the internet to provide Web2 and Web3 users with immersive experiences.

Hardware Builder

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are supporting Metaverse but also virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are contributing to the virtual world. These two technologies can present various equipment to participate in Metaverse.

You can use some sensors, cameras, and headsets to deal with Metaverse-based activities, and the objects are generally called VR or AR hardware devices. Due to the benefits of these devices on Metaverse, companies are looking for hardware builders; hardware builders are creating complex consumer electronics, and their products can be used by Metaverse users. Hence, considering only the software side of the digital world is not correct. Metaverse companies must also focus on hardware devices that can be utilized for Metaverse.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate is an important area in the real world, and it is also significant in Metaverse. For instance, a lot of people try to buy properties in The Sandbox to improve their portfolios. Also, users are purchasing virtual lands on different Metaverse platforms.

Because of the current situation of real estate in Metaverse, real estate agents are needed in the virtual world. These people can help users to buy and sell their digital lands. Furthermore, the agents can contribute to the development of virtual lands and properties. The important Metaverse job is requiring great marketing and communication skills and huge knowledge in the field of real estate.


These Metaverse jobs can be expanded; for example, we can put 3D modelers, VR and AR research scientists, Metaverse storytellers, and world builders into the above list. Every person must get used to the virtual world’ jobs because technology is changing and Metaverse is surrounding us!