Intraverse is hosting the Intraverse NFT Winter Fest from December 16th to 17th. The event will provide an opportunity for non-fungible token (NFT) communities to come together, connect, and collaborate. The fest will feature light-hearted, fast-paced, festive-themed activities and contests where participants can win NFTs from their favorite Web3 projects.

Backed by Polygon, the event promises to be even bigger and better than Intraverse’s previous NFT Summer Fest. Many top NFT projects have already confirmed their participation, including MetaOps, Catheon, and Freename

A total of $50,000 worth of NFT prizes will be up for grabs, scattered throughout the Intraverse metaverse in treasure chests. Players will need to scramble to find the chests and win the NFTs for themselves.

About Intraverse

Intraverse is an open, interoperable metaverse that acts as a content and community engagement platform for aspiring Web3 projects. It allows creators to launch their games and assets on the platform and lets users play for free and earn those assets as they explore and engage with the community. The platform also allows users to show off their assets to other users in events, like the NFT Winter Fest, or within Intraverse’s collection of games.

In the future, the Intraverse platform will allow NFT projects to convert their NFTs into Intraverse Avatars, which can then be made interoperable with other metaverses by using the Intraverse login and wallet. Intraverse will serve as a hub for NFT projects to connect their designs, communities, and ideas to the virtual worlds of the future, creating value for everyone involved.

Into the Metaverse 

The goal of the NFT Winter Fest is to promote, engage, connect, and strengthen NFT communities through collaboration and shared endeavors. It also provides an opportunity for members of these communities to have a bit of fun during the winter season. In the future, once a project has converted its NFT to an Intraverse Avatar, that Avatar can be made interoperable with other metaverses using the Intraverse login and wallet. This will act as a forge for NFT projects to bridge their designs, communities, and ideas into the virtual worlds of the future.