The Smurfs, one of the world’s most prominent and long-lasting entertainment franchises, is making its way into the realm of NFTs!

The Smurfs’ Society, a group of entrepreneurs, creators, and Web3 professionals, is working on The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection. The collection will include 12,500 unique NFTs with elaborate 3D-rendered Smurf characters and a cast of new characters.

The Smurfs’ Society Legendary NFT Collection: What You Need to Know

The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection includes 250 distinctive Smurf characters, each with 50 different variations and overall more than 300 attributes. 

Every Smurf character has a unique set of benefits, such as access to artists’ services, merchandise, game tickets, wine bottles, raffle entries for prizes, physical prints, and much more!

For the purpose of determining the value of the collection, the group has used an innovative bucket auction powered by Rarible. As a result, it is a community-led Smurfs collection, with the community determining the mint price for the entire collection, putting a value on the community rather than an arbitrary price. The bucket auction also decides the mint price for the collection’s remaining NFTs.

The Smurfs’ Society Vision for Web3

The group is committed to bringing new vision and energy to Web3 by uniting imaginative experiences, personal incentives, and communal values to support philanthropic endeavors, which are central to The Smurfs brand. 

They have teamed up with more than 100 Web3 groups, including 12 Web3 entities and a fantastic group of artists, like André, Fafi Birtak, Philippe Druille, and Antonyo Marest, among others.

On April 18th, the group will hold its first significant sale of 3,000 NFTs from the collection, offering an opportunity to bring communities together around its positive values.

Additionally, the collection will incentivize holders to engage and act, taking this initiative to the next level. Will it be enough to survive in the harsh Web3 space?

The Smurfs is a popular TV series involving small and blue creatures.
The Smurfs is a popular TV series involving small and blue creatures.

Final Thoughts

By launching its official NFT collection, the group has gone beyond the Web3 standards, proving that they are actively engaging with the relevant communities and building innovative projects in this competitive market. 

With their deep understanding of the NFT space, The Smurfs’ Society is ready to make a substantial impact by introducing new experiences and opportunities that align with the values that have made The Smurfs a timeless franchise.