In the current period, a lot of people use various social media platforms for entertainment and socializing. Also, people get information about their interests or other things, so we can say that social media is an important communicator in our lives. Well, what is the importance of social media for the NFT world? Does social media affect digital art positively or negatively? Let’s answer these questions together!

First of all, we can say that social media is a positive factor in improving the NFT world. In other words, we can develop NFT-based projects, but how?

Creation of a proper community

We know that a lot of digital artists want to create and reach their community, and it is not an easy process. In that process, artists should present their digital art and project(s) in an effective way because people consider the efficient presentation of the work. At that point, social media platforms emerge for the presentation. Digital artists can show their NFT-based projects with the help of social media, and they can create a proper community from social media platforms. For instance, a lot of teams behind NFT-based games announce their important developments and information about the games via their Discord channels, so they create their desired community with the help of Discord. In addition to NFT-based games, the sales of digital art can be announced via social media platforms, like Twitter or Instagram. Moreover, digital artists can show their digital art, like physical art, freely and easily on social media platforms, and they can explain the details of the art via the platforms. Hence, social media is important for the NFT world because the sellers and creators of NFTs can announce their NFT-based projects, present the digital art, and create a beautiful NFT community with the help of social media.

Catching of the NFTs covering popular things

We can encounter various situations on social media every day. In other words, circumstances from real life are presented in social media by memes, that represent the thoughts and emotions of a specific audience in the format of video or image, or another thing. For example, there is a popular meme called Disaster Girl, and the meme involves a little girl with a sneaky smile and fire behind the girl. The meme is used for various situations on social media; for instance, people can use the meme for explaining a situation involving both horror and comedy. The meme of Disaster Girl is in the version of an image, and it was sold as an NFT last year, so, at that point, we can understand the relationship between social media and the NFT world concretely. If people do not use social media, they cannot catch popular and common stuff over the world. Then, they cannot understand the value of the NFTs covering the stuff, and these NFTs cannot be sold due to the circumstance. We can say that social media expands the knowledge and interest in different fields of individuals, and the expansion develops the NFT world and the content in the digital world.

Who can benefit from social media for the NFT world?

According to the recent news, some social media platforms will have their own NFT marketplaces to support digital art and blockchain technology, so we can say that social media will become NFT-based stuff.

People can encounter a lot of benefits with the help of the NFT-based social media platforms, but which people can utilize the benefits properly? First of all, we can mention social media influencers. In the current period, there are lots of influencers, and they share their experience, feelings, and thoughts with other individuals via social media. However, most of the social media influencers cannot monetize without an advertisement or sponsorship on the current social media platforms. With the integration of the NFT world into social media, influencers can properly monetize and reach their audience via social media. Secondly, as we mentioned above, digital artists can present their NFTs and NFT-based projects on social media platforms easily, and the integration of the NFT world into social media can increase the value of digital artists and their artwork. Thirdly, we can mention brands; with the integration of the NFT world to social media, brands can create a matchless brand experience, increase the awareness of the brand, and reach their customers appropriately.

We considered social media influencers, digital artists, and brands for the NFT-based social media platforms, but we can say that these platforms can develop other individuals, too. For instance, people can easily access and examine the digital art of their favorite artists, and they can participate in various NFT-based communities via social media.


Social media supports the NFT world and draws a way for creating NFT-based communities. Like the circumstance of social media for the NFT world, the digital world extends the limits of social media. Therefore, we can say that there is a positive relationship between the NFT world and social media.