NFTs are very valuable digital items because we can play with them, make investments, participate in Metaverse, and so on. Because of the advantages of NFTs, everyone should consider joining the NFT world, but how can people participate in the virtual world? Firstly, they should conduct research into NFTs, and then, they should own an NFT. A lot of people think that they should be willing to pay some cryptocurrency for owning NFTs, but there are interesting ways for having NFTs, and they are free! If you want to learn how to get free NFTs, now you are at the right place. Let’s focus on the ways to reach free NFTs together!

NFT Giveaways

The first way for getting free NFTs is participating in NFT giveaways. Generally, NFT-based brands organize NFT giveaways to promote their new collections and support their NFT communities.

NFT giveaways can be found on the social media accounts of NFT projects. All social media platforms can be utilized for arranging NFT giveaways, but Twitter, Telegram, and Discord are the most used social media platforms for the activity.

At that point, we want to focus on Twitter NFT giveaways. For participating in a Twitter NFT giveaway, there are some rules. Generally, you should follow the Twitter account of the NFT project and like and retweet the tweet explaining the NFT giveaway. Then, you should mention 1, 2, or many people under the giveaway tweet. After a waiting time -the time can be up to 4-5 days-, the winner(s) of the giveaway is announced. In addition to these particular rules, there can be different rules for joining an NFT giveaway. In other words, the conditions of NFT giveaways can be changed according to different NFT-based projects.

If you are lucky, you can get free NFTs from an NFT giveaway. For considering the way, you should check your favorite NFT projects’ social media accounts regularly. For instance, some NFT projects have a section called ‘giveaways’ on Discord, and, as we mentioned above, they tweet the conditions for being a proper participant in their NFT giveaways. You can catch the chance of participating in an NFT giveaway with the help of a regular social media check.

If you want to consider and participate in NFT Horizon’s NFT giveaways, you can check our Twitter account. In addition to the account, you can participate in the Discord channel of NFT Horizon and read the announcements in the ‘giveaways’ section. We want to mention that the NFT giveaways are also explained in our Telegram, and Instagram account. We wish you success in NFT giveaways!

Play-to-earn Games

The second way for reaching free NFTs is considering play-to-earn games. For the way, you should research NFT-based games and select your favorite NFT games. The games support trading NFTs, and they develop the NFT world.

If you find your favorite NFT game, you can take action for getting free NFTs. Some NFT-based games can offer free NFT cards to start them. Generally, the cards are directly used inside the games, and players can increase the number of their NFTs by playing the games regularly. With the NFTs, you can earn cryptocurrencies and have fun.

As you know, WAX is wealthy in terms of NFT-based games. Some NFT games on the WAX Blockchain provide users with free NFTs. If you want to reach free NFTs through WAX, you should check the websites and social media accounts of the NFT-based games on the WAX Blockchain to get information about the free NFTs. In other words, you can catch the news explaining the free NFT drops from social media and NFT-based projects’ websites. Free NFT drops are organized because the teams of NFT games want to increase people’s attention and interest in crypto-gaming, blockchain technology, the NFT world, and cryptocurrencies.

NFT Airdrops

Airdrop refers to the distribution of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and tokens. With the help of airdrops, some digital assets are sent to the digital wallets of users. Airdrops are arranged for promotion, arousing attention, and increasing the participation of people in NFT-based projects.

Like in NFT giveaways, you should be eligible for getting free NFTs from NFT airdrops. As we mentioned above, you should consider some conditions and obey the rules for participating in NFT giveaways, and the same situation is valid in NFT airdrops.

There are two kinds of NFT airdrops: Standard airdrops and exclusive airdrops. Standard airdrops want you to follow some instructions, such as registering or filling in details. For getting free NFTs through a standard airdrop, you do not have to spend money or another asset. On the other hand, for participating in exclusive airdrops, you should have something. In other words, you should show your long-term loyalty to the NFT projects. For joining an exclusive airdrop, you should be a holder of an NFT, cryptocurrency, or token. In addition to be a holder, you should be an active participant in the NFT project’s community. Exclusive airdrops are organized for thanking the NFT community while standard airdrops are arranged for increasing attention toward the NFT project.

Using Social Media Accounts

If you have enough followers on Instagram or Twitter, you can get free NFTs! For the way, you should firstly reach NFT developers and projects. You can tell them that you have enough followers to advertise their digital art or NFT-based projects. In other words, you can propose sponsor posts on your social media accounts. If the developers and project teams want to reach a lot of people and increase the number of members in their communities, they can accept your offer. If they say ‘’Okay, we will do this.’’ to you, you can want free NFTs from them for the sponsor posts.

NFT Faucets

Another way for reaching free NFTs is dealing with some applications or websites called ‘faucets’. The apps and websites can distribute some amount of cryptocurrency or NFTs as rewards. As you know, people should do something to get a reward, and faucets also want something from users. You should complete some simple tasks on the apps and websites, and then, you can get your free NFTs. However, as you can understand from the name, the rewards are small. You can think that the rewards are like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet.  


To summarize, you can consider different ways to get free NFTs, like NFT giveaways and play-to-earn games. If you do not want to encounter scams when you try to get free NFTs, you should conduct research into NFT-based projects and games which offer free NFTs. After learning the details of the games and projects and relying on them, you can participate in free NFT activities and complete necessary tasks.