Digital artists can mint their NFTs and sell them at popular NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea and Rarible, but minting NFT is not enough. In other words, artists must choose proper methods to sell their NFTs as much as they want. Because of this situation, we would like to share some promotion tips for selling NFTs. If you are a digital artist and want to reach a large audience, you are at the right point now!

Joining events about the field

A lot of people think that NFT promotion can be done only in the digital world, but this thought is not totally true. If digital artists want to promote their digital artwork, they must participate in relevant events.

Due to the rise in the popularity of NFTs and blockchain technology, various events, such as conferences and seminars, are organized all over the world. The events gather different people from the NFT space together, and these people can expand their network. If you are a digital artist who is creating different NFTs, you should conduct research into these events for networking and promoting your art.

In this type of events, you can get the chance of meeting other digital artists and your target group. With contacting these persons at the events, you can show your NFTs physically and create a buying impulse by pulling them toward your digital artwork. In addition to conferences and seminars which involve a huge amount of networking, you can consider joining digital art competitions to make your name known and promote your art.

Using social media platforms

To support your physical promotions for your NFTs, you should focus on social media. With the developments in technology, social media platforms are becoming more popular day by day; almost every person gets information from social media platforms and changes their daily lives according to the information.

The NFT world and blockchain technology are mentioned in different social media platforms, especially Discord and Twitter, so you should consider this circumstance. After producing and minting your digital artwork, you should create social media accounts for your art and update these accounts regularly. For example, you can tweet about your NFT collection’s progress and the future situation of the collection. Also, you can make your audience informed about your NFT drops’ dates and other details of your digital art by using Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

If you utilize social media regularly, you can realize that your audience expands, and you get new followers because what is on social media does not stay on social media! In other words, your existing followers will talk about your digital artwork with their friends, and these friends will start to follow you.

Partnering with an influencer

In the old time, a lot of people started to buy Bitcoin because they were influenced by the comments about cryptocurrencies on social media, and they watched some Youtube videos about Bitcoin. The method can also be used for promoting NFTs.

As you know, there are various influencers on social media for promoting different things, and one of the things can be digital artwork. If you can spend money to promote your NFTs, you can contact a proper influencer. The influencer can mention your NFTs’ social media accounts on her/his Instagram posts or stories. In addition to mentioning, the influencer can prepare a Youtube video or Instagram Reels that introduces your digital art.

You can find a suitable influencer for promoting your NFTs via social media, but you must be careful about influencers because some of them may be unreliable.

Collaborating with other digital artists

In the beginning, we mentioned the importance of participating in events about the field. As we shared, you can communicate with other NFT creators at these events, and you can talk about collaboration opportunities with the creators.

In addition to physical meetings, you can join other creators’ Discord channels and follow their other social media accounts. Then, you can send them suitable messages for talking about collaboration. Collaborations in the NFT space are very popular, and they increase recognition, so you can promote your digital artwork via collaborations with other NFT artists.


To sum up, you should not miss physical events about the NFT world and blockchain technology, and you should consider social media for promoting your NFTs. Also, making collaborations with other creators is a very good idea. These methods do not require spending money, but if you are ready for spending money to promote your artwork, you can consider influencers and paid advertisements.