Sweat Economy, a pioneering entity within the move-to-earn (M2E) gaming industry, has recently unveiled Sweat Hero. 

This unique NFT game aims to revolutionize the M2E and NFT gaming realm. The developers have designed the game to encourage fair gaming and enhance the sustainability of the SWEAT ecosystem. Sweat Hero will provide incentives for physical activity within its community.

Sweat Economy sets itself apart from other platforms in the thriving move-to-earn market by constantly embracing uniqueness. It deviated from the conventional approach of imposing a paywall that requires users to buy expensive NFTs to participate. 

The company has consistently upheld an inclusive philosophy by utilizing a range of in-app promotions accessible to everyone.

Sweat Economy’s co-founder, Oleg Fomenko, stated about the new game:

“Sweat Hero is a true innovation in the NFT and M2E gaming space. We’re leaving behind the times of scarcity in the NFT space and breaking the old standard of ‘pay to play’ in the M2E gaming space. With Sweat Hero, millions of people can engage with free NFTs, and the more players we have, the more $SWEAT goes into the token sink, making token economics sustainable.” 

How Does Sweat Hero Work?

Players engage in physical activity, mainly walking, to win battles and earn Battle Coins as a reward. These coins can then be exchanged for $SWEAT tokens. As more players join in, the quantity of unused tokens in the market decreases, amplifying the token’s usefulness within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, a portion of the earnings from each battle is utilized to support the ecosystem. The victor of each fight keeps 80% of the wager. The remaining 20% is transferred to the token sink of Sweat Economy. This system strengthens the sustainability of the ecosystem, allowing it to thrive as more users participate.

Sweat Economy has implemented groundbreaking measures to stabilize its tokenomics, ensuring a sustainable platform and establishing a balanced ecosystem. These initiatives involve establishing a token-sink mechanism. An increased participation of players results in additional $SWEAT tokens being added alongside the introduction of enhanced token utility.

Getting Fit Has Never Been More Rewarding!

Sweat Hero goes beyond simply encouraging exercise. The game is crucial in ensuring the fair distribution of assets within Sweat Economy’s ecosystem. This quality prevents the concentration of power and wealth among a select few players. It perfectly aligns with Sweat Economy’s mission to promote physical activity and establish a sustainable economy for its community.

Looking to the future, the developers intend to incorporate seven new Arenas into the game, enabling players to advance and increase their earning potential. Furthermore, they aim to introduce a dynamic NFT evolvement framework. 

The groundbreaking system will boost NFT rewards based on a user’s progression in gameplay, daily physical activities, and involvement with the Sweat Wallet app.