All You Need to Know about StreamCoin

StreamCoin is a blockchain organization with an NFT ecosystem and streaming-oriented platforms that provide users with multipurpose utilities. Since it was founded in 2021, StreamCoin has worked continuously to close the gap between Web2 and Web3 users. 

The Web3 company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The blockchain’s native token, STRM, is available on more than 115 exchange platforms.

Users in StreamCoin’s NFT-centric ecosystem enjoy facilities, such as the STRMNFT marketplace, the MeiTalk multi-streaming service, the mainnet Stream Chain blockchain solution, the NSTA_602 NFT standard for making video NFTs, and the Stream Bridge swapping service.

What is One Tree Planted?

This non-profit organization (NPO) is focusing all its efforts on global reforestation. One Tree Planted‘s goals are restoring forests, creating biodiverse habitats, and creating a positive social impact across the world. The organization, headquartered in Vermont, USA, has made it easy for anyone to help the world by planting a tree for every dollar donated to the cause.

For over 8 years, One Tree Planted has multiplied the number of trees planted every year. In conjunction with over 266 partners situated in more than 47 countries across 6 continents, the NPO is thriving with 23.5 million trees planted in 2021.

The number of trees planted by One Tree Planted every year, Source: One Tree Planted

StreamCoin partners with One Tree Planted

StreamCoin has partnered with One Tree Planted.

Both companies have come together to give back to Mother Nature. This collaboration has birthed StreamCoin’s first non-profit NFT collection. This collection of Green NFTs is a significant part of StreamCoin’s goal to publicize the use of NFTs as weapons of great social and environmental impact.

All profits from the sales of the Green NFTs will be given to One Tree Planted and used to initiate more reforestation activities. At the time of its launch on StreamCoin’s NFT marketplace, STRMNFT, the royalties of the NFT collection were 0%.  Each Green NFT is valued at $10 worth of STRM and each donation made with these tokens will result in the planting of ten trees.
Interested parties can buy the Green NFTs in the One Tree Planted collection on STRMNFT. Once bought, these tokens will be transferred to the owners’ account as a means of acknowledgment for their donations.