In addition to its secondary marketplace which was launched last year, Sports Illustrated is diving into the primary ticket sales space. The popular sports media outlet is releasing an NFT ticketing platform in partnership with ConsenSys

The American publication’s ticketing marketplace, SI Tickets, is behind the NFT ticketing platform developed on Polygon.

Box Office will be the first of its kind. The platform has a “Super Ticket” feature allowing users to incorporate advanced engagement chances into tickets, including highlights, offers, loyalty rewards, and collectibles. Users can upload and access this content before, during, or after an event.

Sports Illustrated Tickets has centred its efforts around offering ticketing services for big gatherings, such as sports events, musical gigs, and dramatic performances. With an innovative ticketing platform like Box Office, the sports publication will be able to attend to small-scale demands. Hence, this new product will allow Sports Illustrated to handle the ticketing needs of both small and big events.

The Head of Business Development for Polygon Labs in North America, Brian Tunzo, noted the importance of Box Office in advancing consumer adoption. Its blockchain element will enhance ticket payment security and eliminate fraudulent activities, such as scalping. 

The Global Co-Head at ConsenSys NFT, Johnna Powell, noted that new use cases of “disruptive Web3 technology”, such as NFT ticketing, excited the firm.

Sports Illustrated intends to deploy Box Office in providing tickets for an upcoming football championship game in Texas. A maximum of 2000 fans will be allowed to view the game. 

Both complimentary and premium tickets will be available, as Box Office will work with several nightclubs, fitness studios, conferences, exclusive clubs, and organisers.

Sports Illustrated launches Box Office.

Get Your Tickets On Box Office!

By being the pioneer NFT ticketing service to launch on a large scale, Box Office will ensure everyone can access NFT tickets easily. The NFT ticketing platform eliminates the need for tutorials and wallets to buy tokenized tickets. 

Users can access these tickets on the SI Tickets mobile application. Users who purchase a ticket through Box Office will receive a $10 bonus. They can use this bonus to buy tickets for any prestigious events on SI Tickets.