Audius is integrating Tiktok, and users can stream songs from the streaming platform on their social-media profile soon.

About Audius

Launched in 2019, Audius is a Web3 streaming platform developed to represent all kinds of music from musicians everywhere – not just those signed to famous record labels. On it, artists can share works in progress, build a fanbase, and publish tracks for people to enjoy. 

Audius is revolutionary, and it presents an incredible opportunity for growth and visibility regardless of who you are and where you are in your career. 

The platform utilizes blockchain technology to provide incentives for its network to run. To host content, node operators must stake tokens and are rewarded with more tokens. Artists earn tokens based on number of streams and fan engagement while users are rewarded for listening.

About Audius x Tiktok

Songs in Web3 are coming to Tiktok with Audius! 

The Web3 music streaming platform announced the partnership with TikTok on last Thursday in a tweet stating that it would begin providing support for TikTok. 

Thanks to the recent integration, existing users can import information from TikTok – including their verification status – to Audius. Also, the partnership made creating new accounts on Audius 

easy; people can simply link their TikTok profiles to create account on Audius.

Another exciting feature is that users can export Audius songs and use them to create TikTok videos. Since TikTok sounds are quite popular on the social platform, it will not only boost the creator’s online presence, but may also further strengthen the reach of the Audius.

Chief product officer and co-founder of Audius, Forrest Browning, shared that he’s stoked about what this opportunity will mean for creators. He also hopes that this will catch the attention of media celebrities on TikTok.

Browning also stated:

Anything that’s good for artists is good for the Audius community, and by letting artists import their verified status from TikTok, we think it’ll attract an even wider group of talent.