The first digital collectibles of the popular children’s TV series Sesame Street will be released by Sesame Workshop

The launch date is March 19 on the VeVe app, and these NFTs will feature Cookie Monster, the adored blue cookie monster from the series! 

Sesame Street NFT collection will consist of 5555 different Cookie Monster NFTs that can be bought for $60 each.

Sesame Street and Cookie Monster

Sesame Street is an educational television show for children which blends learning and entertainment. 

Sesame Workshop, formerly known as Children’s Television Workshop, is the company in charge of making the show. With more than 4500 episodes produced, it is one of the longest-running programs in television history. In 2019, the series celebrated its 50th anniversary!

Sesame Street's characters
Sesame Street’s Characters

Sesame Street has established itself as one of the most renowned and influential educators in the world as a result of its broad appeal. Few television shows have achieved the same amount of success and reputation internationally as it has. In 120 nations, the original series has already been broadcast on TV.

Cookie Monster, the subject of the funny NFT collection, is a blue Muppet character on Sesame Street. He is one of the major characters in the series, and he is known for his favorite food chocolate chip cookies! 

Sesame Street's Popular Character: Cookie Monster
Sesame Street’s Popular Character: Cookie Monster

Partnership Between Sesame Workshop and VeVe

The partnership between Sesame Workshop and VeVe will exactly make happy the fans of Sesame Street. 

With the partnership, we can understand that there is a relationship between the film industry and Web3 because Sesame Street is a popular series in this industry, and it is coming to the Web3 world in the format of NFT. 
Also, the importance of NFTs in education can be considered with the partnership. As Sesame Street is an educational TV series, the series’ NFT collection will reflect the field of education in the NFT space.

About VeVe

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